December 12, 2005

please don’t get me wrong.

Posted in family, politics at 8:25 pm by Marise Phillips

i don’t hate christmas. nor do i hate christians. quite the contrary (on both counts).

i am actually quite a bit “in the spirit” this year. on all sorts of levels. i’m enjoying the time of year, the weather, the music, the gift-giving, the cooking and am getting excited to see my family — especially my bro, who is back in the US from Korea, currently visiting his adorable daughters down south, in the OC.

some of my favorite people are christian. i was one for a while. a lot of my favorite people are catholic. when i grew up, none of this was considered a liability as far as i, or most people i knew, were concerned.

but WTF is going on with some of these people nowadays??? whining, hating, spewing… basically making a *really* bad name for the rest, who are actually good, caring, compassionate and, best of all, know how to mind their own f’ing bidness.



  1. miss kendra said,

    i agree. just shut up and be happy with what you’ve got, because it’s a hell of a lot more than ALOT of people.

    also, i did not know you read my blog!
    i feel special, in a non-helmeted, riding the short bus kind of way.

  2. riseyp said,

    yay miss kendra!! you *are* special 🙂

  3. whinger said,

    My sister, a Christian, recently had to write into the “Amazing Race” show as she hates how they chose the most annoying people alive to be their Christian representatives.
    I told her to take a look at who they choose as their gay couple every year and then we could see who’s complaining.
    I love it when Christians are actually Christian – loving, forgiving, sweet, etc.
    That’s all, really.

  4. matt said,

    read moby’s blogs on myspace. he’s a sensible christian. it *is* a shame so many evangelicals and fundamentalists represent the religion so poorly!

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