December 26, 2006

another xmas bites it

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balancing while eating, originally uploaded by RiseyP.


but at least it didn’t bite.

xmas was fairly relaxing and nice this year. spent 6 hours at Kaiser ER the day before, so got that out of the way. j’s hurty tummy was getting worse, so we decided to try & get to the bottom of it. unfortunately the docs had no clue… but at least there’s nothing sharp and operable in there. we celebrated by dining at Tsuru Kushi in Japan Town.

so by the time monday rolled around, we were a bit more rested and relieved. i’d done most of the box-clearing before heading to the ER, so cooking was my my task for xmas day.

i made stuffing with sage sausage, leeks, onions, celery, mushrooms, and bread, of course 😉 i also did a winter vegetable au gratin: sweet potatoes, fingerlings, acorn squash with herbes de provence and some kind of yummy cheese that w & c gave me the other nite. since safeway had run out of cranberries the day before, i was reduced to preparing a can of cranberry sauce, adding slices apples and clementines, ground cloves and cinnamon. still tasted pretty good. i popped some pillsbury crescent rolls in the oven for good measure.

can you say carb-attack? mmmm!

mom, dad and john came over at about 5ish and brought the turkey, green beans w/bacon, carrots and a vintage “applesauce bread” (recipe from john’s great-grandmother). everything tasted yummy and we enjoyed razzing each other soundly.

then we opened prezzies. we weren’t supposed to buy each other anything this year but jason totally ignored that rule. i was also somewhat naughty as well by giving everyone 2-3 DVDs. woops.

December 10, 2006

moved in

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am v v v v v tired.

am also pissed off that so far, the only pizza we can get delivered out here is from domino’s. ew.

also, our furnace is broken and the part we need fixed is has asbestos on it, which makes it doubly hassley to deal with. so in the meantime, we are making do with two space heaters, two flannel comforters, and two cats.


Check it out. Yesterday marked the first time I ever used the phrase, “At my age…”


As we were moving out, I broke a mirror. From the other room, after hearing me swear, one of the movers asked, “Was it a small one?”

“Yeah,” I said, and he responded, “Only 5 years bad luck then.”

And so… I found myself saying, “Ah, ok, no big deal, then. At my age, 5 years goes by fast.”