January 26, 2007

i’m so… not picky :-)

Posted in movie review at 8:02 pm by Marise Phillips

at least when it comes to movies, i spose.

this is why:

i really liked Talladega Nights. when i admitted this to kiki a couple weeks ago, she patted my hand, shook her head and said, “oh honey…”

but, but, but — it was funny!

worse, I just got out of Smokin’ Aces, and while the ending was sooooo never-gonna-happen kind of ridiculous, i STILL liked it. sure, it’s a total Tarantino rip-off, but all the performances were really good. i really like seeing actors doing something wildly different than what they’re known for doing.

my faves were Jason Bateman (his role, alone, validated the ticket price for me), Common, and Alicia Keys. i hope her acting career flourishes.

January 24, 2007

worst morning ever

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I woke up to find my house TP’d and my two prize Japanese goldfish dead.

Insult to injury (or is it the other way around?) I twisted my back slightly and am now in spasming pain.


January 13, 2007

the petting zoo grows…

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i got two russian dwarf hamsters yesterday and have been enjoying their company very much ever since.

their names are Winkle and Abalone, and they are black and grey, respectively. Winkle is a cute little boy who loves to run on his wheel and is quite tame. Abalone is a really pretty pearly color, bigger, a female, and neither tame nor very nice to her cagemate.

of course the cats are very interested in the new arrivals!

i wrote this email to J today in response to his report from the blurb Tahoe Cabin..

Hi lovey,

Thank you for your note and letting me know how your day went so I don’t worry about you too much.

I had a nice and pretty uneventful day, consisting of a drive through Alameda looking at pretty houses with my mother, followed by coffee at Starbucks, then an hour or two of Viva Pinata (which is cute but the tutorial portion interrupts you too much to explain things whether you want them explained or not), topped off with a nice long nap. This was interspersed with looking at the lil guys and feeding them bits and pieces of things the internets say they might like. The food items they’ve enjoyed most so far are little nibbles off my organic brown rice snax, with whole raw pumpkin seeds coming in at a close second.

The kitties had a brief-ish Outdoor Adventure, while I watered the backyard. They aren’t as obsessive about the lil guys today, it seems.

I need to go to the pet store now for a better wheel. Oh, and the little grey girl hamster, Abalone, was the active one in the middle of the night and for part of the morning, while little black-with-white-paws-and-tummy Winkle has been very quiet so far today in comparison. So it looks like they are turn-takers when it comes to bouts of frenzied-but-delicate activity.

Love you honey bunny boo,

January 8, 2007

it would be nice

Posted in restaurant review at 2:58 pm by Marise Phillips

…if WordPress allowed me to post my Yelp Widget.

But maybe the name of the widget (“blog bling”) is just too idiotic.

Oh well. I thought it might be fun to keep a log of all the restaurants I’ve eaten at in Alameda, so here are my reviews thus far.