November 29, 2006

orifice? check!

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if i’ve got one, they’re going to peer into it. the bank, that is.

i’m frankly sick to shit of all the last-minute scrambles i’m being forced to go through, just to provide all the documentation the mortgage lender expects from us. i don’t understand why they can’t get the information they need via my credit report or some other method — but are, instead, relying on me to provide copies of my great-aunt’s cousin-twice-removed’s father-in-law’s dog’s second wife’s tax return from 1965.


—five minutes pass—

Oh wait, i JUST found out why this is happening. i just got off the phone with my realtor, who informed me that the loan processor his office always uses is leaving the company tomorrow, and while she told us that all the paperwork was complete 2 weeks ago, ACTUALLY the truth is that it wasn’t even STARTED until today. and we were planning to close TOMORROW. now it looks like we will not close until Monday at the earliest.

this means my parents’ move will have to be postponed, and i will have to reschedule all the service appointments i carefully set up for early next week.

fucking SLAGASS bitch!

November 21, 2006

why it so hard

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  • to write well?
  • to concentrate on how I’m feeling and reacting, as opposed to obsessing about how everyone else is doing?
  • to react “appropriately” when others around me lose their shit?
  • to see my laptop’s screen?
  • (oh, did I mention that i wear BIFOCALS now? once again: OLD)

ugh. i think i just need to vent a bit.

yesterday, I had to deal with my anxiety-attack-tastic mother who was having a freakout over a plumber being “rude” to her. all i could think was “oh fuck. this is only going to get worse until the move. no, wait a minute, this is only going to get worse until she dies. fucking great.”

my dad didn’t help, either, of course. both of them are completely useless at dealing with the world most of the time. yesterday their helplessness irritated me so much, it was all I could do not to scream “shutthefuckupdontyourealizeiamsavingyoufromcertaindestitution sowhycantyoujustbereasonableandsaneforonceinyourlives andmakesomethingeasyformejustonceforfuckssake?”

which is always fun.

work and home life are also a real joy. not only is my job continuing not to live up to the title i’ve been given (my fault, i suppose) — it’s quite clear that my boyfriend is mourning the impending loss of his beloved city. i noticed a marked silence tonight as he slowly, dolefully wrapped each of his (vast collection of) plastic aliens in a paper towel, filling and stacking a pile of precisely-labeled, neat banker’s boxes in the long hallway near our door.

i suppose, however, it’s worth it because the house we are moving to is beautiful, peaceful, well-situated, graced with a fabulous garden, and a provides a palatable way to care for my crumbling parents.

oh, and we will be removing all contingencies first thing tomorrow. woo! hoo!

November 15, 2006

it ain’t over til it’s over

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November 15, 2006

Dear Mr. L and Ms. P,

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. My partner J and I, along with my parents, have grown quite fond of the home you are selling, and are eager to move forward with the deal. Since the price we settled on is more than its fair market value, my hope is that you will take the following considerations into account when reviewing our request for repairs.

After touring several other multi-unit properties in the East Bay, and weighing the pros and cons of each, we selected this property for two specific reasons: the separation between the two structures, and the apparent soundness of their respective foundations. Because of the relatively small size of the cottage compared to my parents’ current home, however, J and I went into this transaction fully prepared to invest time and money to make it as comfortable as possible for them. Meanwhile, we looked forward to the prospect of a turnkey situation with the main house.

Upon review of the second round of inspection and pest reports, however, we have some apprehension about the number of repairs needed to bring the property up to the condition we originally expected to find it in, based on the disclosures and reports we reviewed before making the offer.

Therefore, in order to address our key safety concerns, there are two items which we would especially appreciate you taking care of: the roof certification and inspection of the fireplace and wood-burning stoves. Your attention to these matters before close of escrow would go a very long way in mitigating our hesitation in proceeding with this purchase transaction.

Thank you again for your consideration in this matter.

Very sincerely yours,

November 8, 2006

house geek house geek

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roly poly house geek! (emphasis on the roly poly)

check out my oh-so-obsessive kitchen appliance saga…

—–Original Message—–

Hello again Peter,

Looks like the oven may *just* fit. Fortunately, the space reserved for it is not wedged in between two cabinets/counters, but rather, there will be some free space on the left. However, the left edge of the oven would partially cover a light switch, so I’d need to get the switch moved eventually for it to work out long term.

Also, the depth of the oven may be a bit too much compared to the counter/cabinets immediately to the right of it, so I’m thinking that I (nerd that I am!) should maybe create a “dummy” cardboard box in the approximate shape and size of the oven and try it out in the space before I make a final decision whether to buy it.

Anyway, I understand that you may get other interested buyers in the meantime, but please keep me in mind — I hope to be able to mock up the cardboard box soon enough for your selling timeframe.


—–Original Message—–
On Nov 8, 2006, at 12:49 PM, RiseyP wrote:

Thanks, Peter!

I’m heading over to the house today at 2, and should let you know in a couple hours whether the oven will fit in our new kitchen.

Crossing fingers 😉

—–Original Message—–

On Nov 8, 2006, at 12:34 PM, Peter wrote:

Thanks RiseyP. It is in great working order. We just recently
disconnected it as we are doing kitchen remodeling (it is out on on
deck, covered). There are about 8 steps to get it down the deck, then
level to the outside. We have two strong men to assist at this time.
Thanks you, Peter

—–Original Message—–
From: riseyp
Sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2006 10:11 PM
Subject: 50s O’Keefe

** Avoid: wiring money, cross-border deals, work-at-home
** Beware: cashier checks, money orders, escrow, shipping
** More Info:


I saw your vintage oven on craigslist and wanted to let you know that
I’m interested in learning more about it. From the photo, I assume
that it’s not currently hooked up. Can you tell me if there are there
any mechanical or cosmetic problems with it? Are you storing it at
street level or are there stairs to negotiate? Any idea how heavy it is?

Anyway, I just bought a house in Alameda which i will be taking
possession of in a couple weeks. Tomorrow, I will be there for an
inspection, and can measure the space in my new kitchen to make sure
this oven will fit.

So… would definitely like to chat more with you about it. Feel free
to email or call my cell: xxx-xxx-xxxx



Pictures of oven below:

i love my “girl”friend

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(s)he’s letting me get this fridge for us:

we found it on eBay available from a seller in Italy. i always assumed SMEG (shutup) was a British company, but nooo… somehow it’s Italian! How the hell did this horrid, cacophonous-looking word pass the otherwise oh-so-fabulous Italian vocabulary police??

well, at least the design MORE than makes up for it.

check out this confection:

November 1, 2006

o happy day!

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pretty paver, originally uploaded by RiseyP.

we got the house we got the house we got the house we got the house we got the house we got the house we got the house we got the house we got the house we got the house we got the house we got the house we got the house we got the house we got the house!!

we take possession on nov 30 ( i think ) but wait – that means i’m already behind on my packing – eeeep!

i’m so exhausted from the stress and exhilaration, i may need to take a 72-hour nap or something. thank the flying spaghetti monster, the wait is over.