January 1, 2010

Things that didn’t suck about 2009

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Although it has been a trying year, 2009 was also full of some truly memorable events in my life:

  • New Years Eve/Day in Amsterdam, followed by an outstanding week introducing my lovey to Paris
  • Successfully tapering off the evil antidepressant
  • Selling my money pit of a car and “making it work” with public transportation
  • Going back to the gym and attending regularly, then finding joy in bicycling and yoga
  • Giving up (for the most part):Β meat, sugar, alcohol, dairy, caffeine
  • Losing 30 pounds, and holding steady for 3 months (though it is high time to re-commit now that the holidaze are over!)
  • Getting my finances in much stronger shape during very difficult economic times

Thank you 2009 for all the tough love πŸ™‚ I am more than happy to carry on!

November 30, 2009

bikey/yogi stuff

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i have been working out fairly consistently these past few weeks and the things I find myself doing the most are bicycling and yoga. partly because my gym is close to work, offers good (aka easy enough for me) classes at times I can handle — and partly because of the immersive, meditative quality of both activities. i spend so much time in my head that i’m in dire need of classes like these, that force me back into my body *and* leave me feeling relaxed afterwards. hooray!

so J & I went on a jaunt yesterday, drove the car (with our handy-dandy, new hitch-mounted bike rack) over to Canada Road out near the junction of highways 92 and 280, and tried a new route along the Crystal Springs reservoir. The weather was perfect: sparkly bright sun and water, warm, and the route wasn’t too tough, despite the hills being slightly more challenging than promised by reviewers (but then again, what idiot rides a single-speed out in nature? oh yeah, me!) i don’t think J loved it, but he was a good sport and took some cool photos.

note: i’m still not near the point where i like seeing photos of myself in short-sleeved shirts, but i hope to get there sometime in 2010. enjoying the ride nonetheless.

September 19, 2002

Yee HA!

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Whatcha'll think of my new template? Lovely!

Anyway, Yes, I'm working with Dr. Sohn. He's great! Very soothing and smart too πŸ™‚
I was going to start Clomid/IUI this month, but the week I started my cycle, I was holed up in Berkeley at the Employee Leadership Program, and then there was Labor Day, so things were all screwy! Therefore…. we are starting up NEXT month!

I know this great woman who works in our usability dept who is also studying to be a doula. So I may work with her, once I get PG πŸ™‚ Also on the health front, I saw a wonderful osteopath earlier this week, since I've been having some arm and shoulder pain since starting this new job. It's amazing; he barely touched my spine, shoulders and heels, and I felt all warm and tingly and weird the rest of the day, and much better the following day. Wild!