September 25, 2006

two cool things about today

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1. my new necklace:

2. this video/song:

watch this

May 7, 2006

kitty pi: in the home stretch

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kitty pi – pre-felting
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i finished knitting this cuddly monstrosity late last night.

this morning, it went into the zippered pillowcase before being washed in hot water with a bit of detergent. i ran two cycles and it felted up great.

i then shaped it with a medium-sized aluminum platter (left over from our sushi party/surprise wedding shower for mejane and el_g), placed it on top of the washing machine’s plastic mini-basket, and put it in the window to dry.

May 6, 2006

hmmm. your opinion?

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I like this hat. i should make another one and sell it on etsy. what do you think?

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April 16, 2006

happy birthday, snarkymonkeyrum!

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noelle’s birthday hat
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soon, we’ll be heading over to the newlyweds’ loft to celebrate noelle’s birthday (oh, and maybe throw in some ancient pagan hedonism for good measure… who knows?)

last night was a lot of fun, too. dana and i went over to will and cindy’s for dinner, and we got to meet dan & isabel. we gorged on knishes, red wine, turkey and roasted sweet potatoes. champagne, berries and biscotti too!

best of all, isabel kept us mightily entertained with her removable front tooth – CLASSIC!

April 9, 2006

an eventful weekend

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Pink and Gray Hat (second ever!)
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After I got home from work on Friday, I picked J up and we swung by the Apple Store, as he'd decided to buy his iMac there, despite the higher memory prices. We were going to have dinner downtown afterwards, but he was too excited and had to go straight home to set up his new "putie."

Our friend Richard got here from the airport (he'd flown in from LA) at about 11pm — just in time for him & J to stay up very very late playing videogames in the front room, while I made progess on this hat.

For the past couple days, I'd been working with some pretty, grayish-green, bulky Wool-Ease but after about 6 attempts, decided I needed to work with a nicer-feel yarn. So I broke out my gray Debbie Bliss chunky merino and things went much better.

Next morning, we puttered around drinking coffee, went to Kate's Kitchen for brunch, and then came home for a nap while R went to the Alternative Press Expo. We woke up at 7pm and I called Dana in a panic, not knowing what time we were supposed to be at her party. The caviar was already out, she told us, so get over there NOW. Woops.

The only problem was that SweetBoy had gotten outside while we were napping and was nowhere to be seen or heard. So that unfortunately cast a bit of a pall over us while trying to enjoy ourselves at the party 😦 But it was still a nice time. The food and company were top-notch. We had foie gras with figs and sauternes, filet mignon with polenta, lemon cake and handmade chipotle chocolates… mmm!

But we did head out on the early-ish side, and I went out into the backyard (recently cleared out by the landlord – YAY!) with a flashlight, hoping to corral SweetBoy, but to no avail. Kismet even went out there with me, and I was somewhat hopeful as I went to sleep, knowing we could leave the back door open (no rain for the first time in ages!) and that Kismet seemed to be on the case, meowing occasionally to get her little brother to come back home.

An hour later, J came into the room with a wet, muddy SweetBoy, and I could sleep at last. Whew!!

This morning, there was more puttering about with coffee, and I finished my second hat – hooray!

April 2, 2006

i have a life again! (sort of)

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it's been almost 9 weeks and I am finally done knitting my first sweater. i can't recall the last time i worked on anything for this long – the occasional big work project, perhaps… and before that, i suppose, my college senior honors project.

but i'm pleased and surprised that this endeavor has held my attention so much more consistently than work or school ever has. i've always thought of myself someone who had no problem starting things but, unfortunately, also someone who rarely finished what she started.

so i am quite proud indeed 🙂

all i can think about is what i'll knit next!! 😉

February 27, 2006

so dang bizzy.

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so glad feb is almost over!! what a crazy month! i only went to the gym 3 or 4 times 😦 !

anyway, we had a fab time at the wedding on sat nite:

See? There we are, being happy.

But then yesterday, it started to rain and it was all a bit of a downer. But I knitted on, everso bravely 😉 Done with the back, and now getting a good start on both sleeves – both at once on the same set of circular needles. Fancy!!

February 8, 2006

my first sweater…

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…is coming along!

i'm really enjoying the knitting class i started last night. i tell ya, i never expected to ever get this "advanced" 🙂 but it's actually working out – SO FAR.

my only complaint is that all the women who work at the LYS (which shall remain unnamed*) are total nazis. at least the teacher is a normal human being. and everyone in the class seems nice.

here is the pattern…

"Rosehip" from the Rowan Summer Tweed Collection

and here is the yarn…

"Smolder" in Rowan Summer Tweed

However, note of advice: don't take a class anywhere that forces you to buy all the materials (pattern book included!) at their store. LAME. I've spent over $200 on this endeavor so far. Had I been able to buy the materials online, I would have saved upwards of $70.

* this is a small town, and yes – I fear the knitting mafia!!

January 23, 2006

my first non-scarf!

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I made a cute lil purse for my niece Maya, who turns 5 tomorrow.

felted purse

January 19, 2006

in other news…

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I'm making a supercute, little, soon-to-be-felted purse for my niece Maya, who turns 5 on Monday. it's got a frosty green yarn for the main purse part, a pastel multi-colored yarn for the flap and strap, and i'm gonna make a big pink flower applique for the front.

Unfortunately, it's not going to be complete in time for her actual birthday, but I'm hoping it'll be no more than a week or two late. Pix to come later.

I know, I suck.


J is eating yummy chocolate peanutbutter banana cake and breathing rather heavily right now. hehe. that's cause it's goooooooooood. i'm sure i breathed like a sonuvagun when i was shoving a huge piece down my cakehole earlier this evening 😉

so, believe it or not, the "eating better" non-resolution i made is actually kind of working out overall, despite large infusions of chocolate peanutbutter banana cake and two black-bottom cupcakes yesterday. i haven't given up dessert, true. however, my main meals are far healthier than they've been in quite some time. lots more vegies, lots less meat.

lots less? meh. you know what i mean.

also, i have been doing fairly well on the gym thing this week. already been twice, and planning on going again tomorrow.

however, on the spending less front? BADBADBAD. bought a bunch of clothes over the weekend (but there was a party to go to! and a wedding coming up next month! and and and and…) i guess i'm sort of lucky a lot of the clothes didn't fit so well, necessitating returns and refunds.


strangely, i'm feeling more love for my parents recently. just this evening, i was thinking that it might be nice to hang out with them pretty soon. where in hell did *that* idea come from?? i haven't thought such things since I lived in Marin, about 10 miles south from them. weird. (now that i live in the city again, it's about 30 miles away, and across a bridge and everything. hard! far! excuse!)

i've got some dinner parties coming up, and I'm looking forward to them. first one is this weekend, for some of J's fellow expat friends who live in san rafael. we usually go up there (yes! we cross the bridge!) because they have a pool and two cute portuguese water dogs, and trish is a budding pastry chef specializing in chocolatey goodness. but it is long overdue for us to play host, and so i still need to figure out what i'm cooking. eek!! i do have the appetizer fairly decided: salmon and shrimp ceviche (raw fish marinated in lemon and orange juice and tossed with roasted chipotles, avocado and red onion. yum.)

the second dinner is for a fairly sizeable group of friends. i'm thinking of just ordering a big sushi platter for that one, rather than trying to cook. we're finally going to "show off" (aka bore everyone silly with) our photos from Japan.

finally, K's dad and his fiancee are coming to visit in mid-Feb, and I'll be making a dinner for six of us. can't wait!!

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