September 23, 2002

CDs for the men in my past…

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For Jay, the man I never had "sexual relations" (in Clinton-speak) with, and could never imagine cheating on
Lazy Calm – Cocteau Twins
Creep – Radiohead
When I Fall in Love – Nat King Cole
Dyslexic Heart – Paul Westerberg
Ball and Chain – Social Distortion
One of Us – Whatsherface

For Jon, the most fuckable surferboy who ever cheated on me, fell in love with me, and got dumped by me
Enya – On Your Shore
Here Comes Your Man – The Pixies
One – U2
Night Swimming – REM
Chili Peppers – Breaking the Girl

For Ron, my first true love, who proposed to me and let me keep the ring even after I broke up with him
Something – The Beatles
Been Caught Stealin' – Jane's Addiction
Love Shack – The B-52s
Tenderness – General Public
The One I Love (or It's the End of the World as We Know It) – REM
Cult of Personality – Living Color
Sister – Stone Roses


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I ghost-wrote this… A bit of shameless self-promotion.
Please join me in congratulating KO and MP in their recent achievements in the Toastmasters public speaking organization.

Last Tuesday night, K and M represented Autotoast, our local Toastmasters club, at the area level. They already were winners at the club level. K participated in the humorous speech contest; his skillful delivery of a speech entitled, "Mama and the Martians", filled the whole room with laughter. M represented Autotoast in the evaluation contest. In this type of contest, each contestant presents an extemporaneous, 2-3 minute evaluation of a "target" speaker.

These are both judged contests, in which six judges rigorously evaluate different aspects of each participant's speech. Kevin and Marise both won the contest in their respective competitions! They will go on to represent Toastmasters Area C24 at the division level in mid-October.

I also would like to congratulate Kathy Guthormsen. Kathy, the past area governor and a veteran member of Autotoast, was the target speaker last night. She presented a wonderfully humorous *and* inspirational speech titled "Purple crayons and Dr. Seuss", bravely putting herself up to be evaluated in front of a large audience.

Toastmasters International is a worldwide organization renowned for helping individuals develop Communication and Leadership skills inside a supportive public speaking arena.

Autodesk's own Toastmaster's club, Autotoast, meets Tuesdays from noon to 1:15pm at the McInnis building. It is open to Autodesk employees and non-employees.

For more information about Toastmasters and/or the Autotoast club, please contact me or any of the other current officers:
Kim Ross; Eric Strassheim; MP and John Brewer.

Carmen Lamas
Vice President, Education

September 19, 2002

recurring dreams

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so yeah, i realized all my dreams about being a freshman in college, moving into the dorms again — they are all telling me that i have to deal some more with that time in my life. at first, i always thought it meant i missed being young, and wanted to experience that again. but it's also (and more so) about that time period being so painful due to all the mistakes i made. and i really haven't thought about them, deeply, in such a long time. so until i do, i think i will continue to have this unresolveable nostalgia, these recurring, unsatisfying dreams… the feeling of wistfulness will evolve into pain, anger, resentment, then hopefully understanding, forgiveness, peace. I hope.

Yee HA!

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Whatcha'll think of my new template? Lovely!

Anyway, Yes, I'm working with Dr. Sohn. He's great! Very soothing and smart too 🙂
I was going to start Clomid/IUI this month, but the week I started my cycle, I was holed up in Berkeley at the Employee Leadership Program, and then there was Labor Day, so things were all screwy! Therefore…. we are starting up NEXT month!

I know this great woman who works in our usability dept who is also studying to be a doula. So I may work with her, once I get PG 🙂 Also on the health front, I saw a wonderful osteopath earlier this week, since I've been having some arm and shoulder pain since starting this new job. It's amazing; he barely touched my spine, shoulders and heels, and I felt all warm and tingly and weird the rest of the day, and much better the following day. Wild!


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ok, still trying to get this to work…


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whew! I found my blog!
so… I was going to write about my experience with the osteopath… but first let me see if I can change my e-mail address on here.