February 27, 2006

so dang bizzy.

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so glad feb is almost over!! what a crazy month! i only went to the gym 3 or 4 times 😦 !

anyway, we had a fab time at the wedding on sat nite:

See? There we are, being happy.

But then yesterday, it started to rain and it was all a bit of a downer. But I knitted on, everso bravely 😉 Done with the back, and now getting a good start on both sleeves – both at once on the same set of circular needles. Fancy!!

February 17, 2006

another gym day

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proud of myself for going without K. also proud that i figured out how to type (jab) from the exercycle. i’m not doing it to show but rather to kill time 😉

and while i’m at it, i should also give myself kudos for finally recharging & refilling my nano! i was getting soo sick of the stuff on there. now, i finally get to hear DJ Kicks-Thievery Corp at the gym!

February 16, 2006


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I'm a Simpson!

Be a Simpson, too!

February 15, 2006

creative genius here

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i have been jonesing for samurai champloo items, which are not due to be available in the US for another couple of months.

but do I let that stop me? oh NO! i made myself a cute tee on cafepress.com!


February 14, 2006

i am a copycatter!

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so here i am the l ju like k, inwat the scren. bui haveeintt recummbent–bi-pinieasiestairmstetyping. hwer, i canosee eesultof jabs. thisould un.
ok that was meant to say: here I am at the gym, just like my friend k, typing a blog entry. but i am on the recumbent bike rather than the stairmaster, for everyone’s safety, really…
I just have one thing to say: THIS SCUCS* ASS!!!

February 8, 2006

my first sweater…

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…is coming along!

i'm really enjoying the knitting class i started last night. i tell ya, i never expected to ever get this "advanced" 🙂 but it's actually working out – SO FAR.

my only complaint is that all the women who work at the LYS (which shall remain unnamed*) are total nazis. at least the teacher is a normal human being. and everyone in the class seems nice.

here is the pattern…

"Rosehip" from the Rowan Summer Tweed Collection

and here is the yarn…

"Smolder" in Rowan Summer Tweed

However, note of advice: don't take a class anywhere that forces you to buy all the materials (pattern book included!) at their store. LAME. I've spent over $200 on this endeavor so far. Had I been able to buy the materials online, I would have saved upwards of $70.

* this is a small town, and yes – I fear the knitting mafia!!