July 28, 2005

One Small Step for RiseyP…

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We bought a little condo in Telluride!!

Check out more pics!

July 18, 2005

Alone In Kyoto

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Did I mention that I looooove Air?

Anyway, the plans for the trip to Japan in November are coming along nicely. We're flying in to Seoul for a couple days' visit with my brother, who's teaching conversational English over there.

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Then, we fly to Narita, take the NRT express train to our hotel, Ryokan Shigetsu in Asakusa, the one remaining "old town" district in Tokyo city limits. This is the same place J stayed in when he first visited Japan in the spring of 2002. It's right next to one of the most important Buddhist temples in Tokyo proper.

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And also very close to a great little shopping area, where you can buy, among other things, pieces of finely-crafted plastic sushi.

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After 8 days in Tokyo, we'll take the bullet train to Kyoto, the former imperial capital of Japan, full of beautiful temples, formal gardens, hot spring baths and the occasional geisha.

We'll be staying at the Ryokan Uemura, a tiny (three-room) inn, very old fashioned, and highly recommended.

July 8, 2005

hap’r brifday 2 ME

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the title comes courtesy of my sweet lil bro who was found singing it to himself in the tub at the crack of dawn on his 3rd birthday.

this is the card my work buddies gave to me today…

we all went to the ramp and had burgers and fries, the highlight of which was when two of us spilled diet coke all over ourselves in comedically short succession.

the other person actually had a good excuse, as a gust of wind knocked his over. my spillage happened thanks to my very own, wildly gesticulating hands — as I was telling my colleague david that I would make him an all-mayonnaise dinner for his birthday. this was meant to be a taunt, as he has a bizarre and irrational fear of mayo. but karma caught up with me mid-sentence, as the entire diet coke came tumbling into my lap.

thank god I'm wearing brown today.