December 2, 2009

this web is my web

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So I got a new job today. More precisely, I got to go permanent after contracting for 14 months at a place where time has flown by in the best possible way. In the official announcement this afternoon, my new manager mentioned that I came to them with 15 years of experience working on the web. All very surreal as I mused on a) how long 15 years is and b) what a different direction my career — my whole life — would have taken, had I not been ‘desperate’ enough to turn to the Internet as a source of friends in a new town.

Looking back on my digital life, it occurred to me tonight that some of the first things I ever posted online were poems. Poems of lust and loss that poured out of me as fast as I could post them, not things I’d already written longhand or kept stored on floppy disk. (Because of course that was your average “high-tech” person’s backup solution in 1994. Tee hee.) But yeah, back to the poems. That unexpected, easy willingness to expose myself online rather surprised me.

Then again, when you consider the explosion of websites and apps such as…

  • my yahoo
  • blogger
  • myspace
  • flickr
  • etsy
  • blurb
  • twitter

…one of the Internet’s most enduring qualities is its revolutionary broadening of the means, and the potential reach, of self-expression. Of artistry. Of feeling. You know, those things we used to keep locked up inside, while making our living doing the more mundane things the world was willing to pay us for. And someday, maybe if we were really lucky, and tried really hard, we’d ‘get published’ and, at long last, achieve immortality. But now? Au contraire! I literally spend a part of every day sharing something about myself or taking a headlong dive into someone else’s life. And it all happens online, of course.

See, the corner of the web I like best is the one where we all have a voice (and call ourselves ‘writers’, ‘photographers’, ‘artists’, ‘comedians’ or ‘collectors’) as we show off to — and riff off of — one another. It’s funny to think that the celebrities I follow are no longer the ones splashed on billboards and magazines; these days, they’re the ones who craft the funniest/most poignant blog posts, crochet the twee-est baby quilts, take endless photos of men with impossibly ornate mustaches, and so on… *They* are the ‘cool kids’ now 🙂

Just this morning, however, I felt an uncomfortable mixture of disdain and desire creep into the shower with me, as I reflected on the new ‘celebrities’ I follow who sell ad space and hold giveaway contests on their blogs. Such a strange thing to do, I thought. Shouldn’t that be considered kind of… I don’t know… uncouth? Like having a corporate sponsor for your wedding? (“And now it’s time the happy couple’s first dance! Brought to you by Kitchy-Brand pressure cookers!”) But as the day progressed and I continued to chew on it, I had to retract my opinion as disingenuous. Making money off ads on your personal website? And how is that different than writing advertising copy for a living? Because you can hide behind the anonymity of the latter? So: better just to be out in the open about it?

Hmph. Sometimes I hate ambiguity 🙂 They say that women are unhappier than ever these days. They say it may be because we just *care* more. Enough to think twice (or three times or ten) about whether something we thought or did or said was the right thing. It’s all very very complicated, but a big chunk of what gets churned out online represents the space in which we’re hashing these things out, together.

Anyway, this has been my web. (Brought to you by our sponsor, Al Gore 😉 It’s messy and it’s weird and it can be ugly at times but, on the whole, it’s still beautiful.


April 5, 2006

if you walk a mile in another woman’s manolos…

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check this. very interesting debate.

i found myself surprisingly unoffended (inoffended? heh) by mim's original post, actually. but after reading k's insights and arguments, i got a bit more worked up.

i ended my consideration of this debate with a closer scrutiny of mim's blog template. i found it very interesting that she ornaments her homepage with an image (ostensibly of herself) of a very slim woman, with lovely long hair, her oh-so-pert posterior center stage… holding the hand of her child.

milf-wannabe much??

but anyway, i spose we all fall short when we make inconsiderate, unfounded assumptions about "the other."

so yeah, i say this: skinny bitches (and i say that with as much affection as jealousy), shut yer traps about shit you don't know shit about.

while i'm overweight now, i've been thin for most of my life, and fuck yeah… if i looked as great from behind as the chick on mim's blog, i'd plaster front and center on my blog, too.

i only hope that my experience in a heavier woman's body makes me a little more circumspect and respectful, should i ever get back to my college weight (or thereabouts.)

February 17, 2006

another gym day

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proud of myself for going without K. also proud that i figured out how to type (jab) from the exercycle. i’m not doing it to show but rather to kill time 😉

and while i’m at it, i should also give myself kudos for finally recharging & refilling my nano! i was getting soo sick of the stuff on there. now, i finally get to hear DJ Kicks-Thievery Corp at the gym!

February 14, 2006

i am a copycatter!

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so here i am the l ju like k, inwat the scren. bui haveeintt recummbent–bi-pinieasiestairmstetyping. hwer, i canosee eesultof jabs. thisould un.
ok that was meant to say: here I am at the gym, just like my friend k, typing a blog entry. but i am on the recumbent bike rather than the stairmaster, for everyone’s safety, really…
I just have one thing to say: THIS SCUCS* ASS!!!

June 12, 2005

My Honey is soooo cute

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Me: (Laughing out loud for no apparent reason on a Sunday evening)

J: "What are you doing?

Me: "Reading blogs. I like reading everyone's blogs…" (he knows this, of course, as I am bogarting his Powerbook *once again* to do so.)

J: "I don't have a blog…" (looking sad, eyes downcast, lower lip thrust out.)

Me: "You should get one! You'd be great!" (He's been keeping a journal in his Clie for years already. Plus he's an amazing writer.)

J: "But I'm foreign…" (He's, um, BRITISH.)

Me: "Silly boy!! Blogs aren't for Americans only!"

J: "Are you sure??" (He smiles wryly, then goes back to cleaning out his junk drawer. He pulls out a Chewbacca-headed mini M&M dispenser and, for the millionth time since purchasing it, pretends the wookiee is barfing up mini M&Ms.)

June 10, 2005

The Castle – So Fun!

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K, N and I met at the Castle last night promptly at 6 (N was there even earlier!) to make sure K was all safe from any bad mean internet stalkers 😉 Which of course was never an issue.

All the folks who showed up were lovely! Friendly, pleasant, good conversationalists… I was impressed!!

Most impressive of all was the gentleman who showed up with a premium box of white wine wrapped up in a bow.

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting

To top that off, he shared his fish & chips with me! This was supremely appreciated given the service situation.

Our waitress was an utter nightmare, it's like she'd lost her short-term memory like Drew Barrymore's character in 50 First Dates. But instead of a cute, luscious Hawaiian flower, imagine a skanky, run-down stringbean who broke pint glasses on us and got everyone's drink wrong and took over an hour to figure out our food order. Sigh.

At least there was time for knitting, fun banter, and three super-cool old Vespas parked out front when I got there!