April 20, 2006

i *was* wondering…

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My Pimp Name Is…

Disco Big Spenda
What’s Your Pimp Name?

March 24, 2006

well, duh…

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You are a
Social Liberal
(76% permissive)
and an…
Economic Liberal
(26% permissive)

You are best described as a:

Strong Democrat


Link: The Politics Test on OkCupid Free Online Dating
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

March 3, 2006


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Monkey Daemon
Your MONKEY DAEMON represents a nature that is

admired, detail-oriented, and full of

curiosity. Some people might call you

self-absorbed. You like to plan ahead, and

hone your various talents to perfection.

What Animal Would Your Daemon Settle As?
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January 27, 2006

love me some quizzies

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I was reading stacyo's blog and was inspired to find out: What city do I belong in?

You Belong in London

A little old fashioned, and a little modern.
A little traditional, and a little bit punk rock.

A unique woman like you needs a city that offers everything.

No wonder you and London will get along so well.

What City Do You Belong In?


So, tomorrow is my Japanese dinner/slide show. The first real party I've had since J & I moved here. I've ordered a couple big party trays from Kyoto Sushi, and hope to find the time to whip up some "raw food" style sushi as well. Which consists of fillings like macadamia nut paste (instead of rice), thin slices of fresh veggies and a variety of pestos and tapenades, all wrapped up in nori or collard greens. One of the guests I've invited is a raw food aficionado, so I hope to impress her with my renditions of the recipes I got from my health-nut friends in Hawaii.


Been reading a really engrossing series of graphic novels called Strangers in Paradise — enjoying them so much, i never want them to end. Good thing is, there are at least 4 or 5 more volumes to go. The writer/artist, Terry Moore, is equally skilled at both sides of the equation: the storyline *and* the art. I'm humbled by his talents.


The fish are doing well. Their water has been a bit cloudy since the first week I got them, but I read into it and it sounds like we're probably overfeeding them. It's cute, cause J has gotten quite excited about helping me take care of them; the only downside of his enthusiasm was the double-feeding that sometimes occurred. But I think we're in sync now: I do the feeding, he does the light-turning-on/off if he remembers to do so sooner than I do.

Furthermore, just to give you some insight into how nutty I am about these fish, I went to the pet store and bought them two varieties of frozen food that goldfish are supposed to like: bloodworms (ew!) and brine shrimp. Plus some fresh cucumber, along with a cute clownfish-shaped "fresh veggie holder" clip that sticks to the side of the aquarium using a handy suction cup. Who'd've guessed that fish feeding had reached such dizzying heights of technology?

When I got home, I was eager to see whether they'd like the cucumber, so I cut off a thin slice to insert into the clownfish clip, and J suctioned it into the tank. No bites. So then he jumped at the chance to try an experiment he'd been noodling over ever since I told him that goldfish like to eat cucumbers a couple weeks ago. He cut off a little chunk and threaded it with string, and tied the other end (the non-cucumber-baited end) of the string with a toothpick. Unfortunately, the fish didn't go for that trick either.

However, I checked on them an hour or so later and I think maybe, just maybe, they were nibbling at the cucumbers… Maybe someday, they won't be too shy to eat in front of us anymore. O, what a happy day that would be! πŸ˜‰

December 18, 2005

whatta weekend (not quite)

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ugh. i’ve been in bed for 36 hours straight.

i forced myself to go out to J’s friend Ian’s birthday dinner on Friday nite, a dinner at which we arrived late and were therefore obligated to sit at different tables, and at which i knew only three people out of the entire gathering… not fun when i wasn’t feeling well 😦 fortunately, the people at my table were very nice and we got along perfectly well. but boy, was i ready to head home and crash.

yesterday, i did very little besides sleep the entire day, with the cats serving as furry hot water bottles. j was even sicker than i. and seeing that we were supposed to spend the day doing errands to get ready for a party that i had actually really been looking forward to (as opposed to the dinner on friday), we did not get a single thing done. besides sleeping. no costume making, white elephant finding, bacon-wrapped date broiling, no driving over and pre-partying… none of it. BOOOOO.

at about 9pm, though, i was sick of sleeping and woke up to watch Bad Santa on DVD, which was quite funny. i knitted some of my ribbed pale brown alpaca scarf, as well. and successfully made a felted join, thanks to crazy aunt purl’s helpful photo directions!

i woke up this morning to a huge thunderstorm, a leaking bedroom window and two scared kitties. luckily, the storm has subsided somewhat at this point. but, still. eek! the frame of our kitchen window is also starting to rot out. times like these, i actually don’t mind not being a homeowner (ok, i do own a condo, but it’s 1000 miles away and, therefore, not exactly “home” πŸ˜‰

then, I got curious to see what kind of princess i was…

The Traditional Princess

You are generous, graceful, and practical with both
feet planted firmly on the ground. You tend to
be a little on the old-fashioned side. You
value home, hearth, and family life and love to
be of service to others.

Role Models: Snow White, Maid Marian

You are most likely to: Discover a hidden talent
for spinning straw into gold.

What Kind of Princess are You?
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June 15, 2005

Do you like what you do?

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I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about career aspirations… which is funny, because I'm actually very happy in my job. But anyway, next week I'll be taking a work-sponsored training course called the Birkman Method, advance preparations for which required me to take an online personality test.

One of the questions was "Do you lie to get your way?" — I mean: come on. Do you actually expect people to answer that question honestly if they're taking the test for work?? It's like that question people sometimes ask you in an interview: "What do you consider to be your greatest weakness?" Uh-huh, yeah.

Anyway, there's a pretty cool "MeMe" questionnaire going around that I saw on Stacy O's blog. And then yesterday, I stumbled on this page (but whatever you do, please don't click here! OK! I warned you…) It got me to thinking about whether the careers favored by my personality "type" actually fit me.

I'm assuming most people know about the Myers-Briggs personality test. I found a link to a very brief version (the full version takes at least an hour.)

So anyway, I'm an INFP (introverted, intuitive, feeling, perceiving). This type makes up .2% of the population (which makes sense, given that most people are the diametrically opposite type: ESTJs (extroverted, sensory, thinking, judging). The INFP is sometimes also known as "The Healer" — awww… ain't that sweet?

Here are the careers supposedly favored by INFPs (along with my reaction to each):
poet: done it, not too bad. but no money in it πŸ˜‰
painter: would like to try
freelance artist: done it, liked it
musician: Hey! I'm learning bass! Does that count?
writer: Do it every day.
art therapist: Hmm… sounds a bit funky. I'd like to *do* art for therapy, sure… not sure if I want to oversee others doing art for therapy. They might throw paint at me.
teacher (art, music, drama): thought about it.
songwriter: eh. so-so.
art historian: sure, why not?
library assistant: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
composer: sure, if I can use GarageBand πŸ˜‰
work in the perfoming arts: did it (in college) – this seems *wide* open to interpretation. Kinda like: does being an usher at the local movie theatre count??
art curator: yeah!
playwright: tried it in college. it's hard.
bookseller: sounds good!
cartoonist: I'm not a good enough "draw-er," but I like *reading* cartoons!
video editor: done it, very fun.
photographer: do it as often as possible.
philosopher: um, I guess I'm pretty philosophical. But last time I checked, this is not a paid position.
record store owner: I'd love to have a shop like the one in High Fidelity… complete with Jack Black and that mumbly guy, Dick I think his name was.
digital artist: done it.
cinematographer: would love it!
costume designer: would have to be a better "sew-er"
film producer: this one seems out of place. i think you'd have to be all strong-willed, pushy and good with budgets.
philosophy professor: my friend/colleague is one of these. seems like something I'd rather do at the graduate level in France, rather than at the undergrad level in the US. But then I'd reall need to learn philosophy, and to speak French *much* better.
librarian: Nahhhh. Blech. Plus, I got LASIK, so no more sexy librarian look for me!
music therapist: Again with the creative therapy. What about good old regular therapy?!
enviromentalist: Requires cold-calling or going door to door, which I did one summer in college. I cried and quit after one day.
movie director: sure! but again, seems to require a lot of pushiness and yelling.
activist: I'm just not that *active* πŸ˜‰
bookstore owner: How is this different than "bookseller" — would being a store owner make me "The Man?"
filmmaker: Yeah!!!!

June 1, 2005

Music Quiz

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Total Volume?
On my work machine: 4.35 GB
On my home machine: 11.2 GB
On my Creative Zen jukebox: 2.8 GB

Last CDs Purchased?
I went to Amoeba, the world's best music store, a couple weeks ago and picked up these babies:
Moon Safari – Air
Walkie Talkie – Air
The Virgin Suicides Soundtrack – Air
Some Cities – Doves
Not Going Anywhere – Keren Ann
Nolita – Keren Ann

Playing Right Now?
"In Heaven" – Fatboy Slim – You've Come A Long Way, Baby

Five Favorites?
But this would only make the other songs jealous… Actually, it's just too hard to narrow down. I guess I could instead choose five songs that are in heavy rotation on iTunes right now:
"Surfing on a Rocket" – Air
"Don't Stop" – Brazilian Girls
"Que Onda Guero" – Beck
"Get Your Snack On" – Amon Tobin
"Basmati" – Daniela MοΏ½ller/dZihan & Kamien

Oh, and as a special bonus – I made my very own "song" last night using GarageBand! I am very proud, yes indeed… no matter what J says (that it sounds like the soundtrack to a copsploitation TV show…) πŸ˜‰

And so now, without further ado, for your delight and delectation, I present:

April 22, 2005

We’ve All Got Em…

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1. YOUR PORN STAR NAME: (Name of first pet / Street you live on):
Socks Oak

2. YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME: (Name of your favorite snack food / Grandfather's first name):
Terra Stix Wendell

3. YOUR FASHION DESIGNER NAME: (First word you see on your left / Favorite restaurant):
Miracle Gary Danko

4. EXOTIC FOREIGNER ALIAS: (Favorite Spice / Last Foreign Vacation Spot):
Cilantro Amsterdam

5. SOCIALITE ALIAS: (Silliest Childhood Nickname / Town Where You First Partied):
Beffers Keele

6. "FLY GIRL/BOY" ALIAS (a la J. Lo): (First Initial / First Two or Three Letters of your Last Name):
M. Phi

7. ICON ALIAS: (Something Sweet Within Sight / Any Liquid in Your Kitchen):
Brownie Vinaigrette

8. DETECTIVE ALIAS: (Favorite Baby Animal / Where You Went to High School):
Kitten Esperanza

9. BARFLY ALIAS: (Last Snack Food You Ate / Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink):
Galaxy Gimlet

10. SOAP OPERA ALIAS: (Middle Name / Street Where You First Lived):
Elizabeth Telegraph

11. ROCK STAR ALIAS: (Favorite Candy / Last Name Of Favorite Musician):
Taffy Dorfmeister

12. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: ( First 2 letters of your first name and the first 3 Letters from your last name makes your first name. Take the first 2 letters of your mother's maiden name and the first 3 letters of the city you were born in):
Maphi Onpom