August 3, 2008

on the verge of the most uneventful vacation ever

Posted in self-improvement, vacation at 5:44 pm by Marise Phillips

i’m kind of bitter these days.

my recent 40th birthday was so-so overall: quite nice while i was at work (especially pleased to have gotten a big bouquet of flowers, and to have shared a nice bottle of wine at our small group lunch) but the rest of the day was rather pallid. chalk it up to the financial straits J & I are in while waiting for our investment property to sell.

which leads me to why my vacation this next week also lacks luster. i don’t have a single discretionary dime to my name to spend on travel or pampering; instead, I’m simply facing a few days to myself. so it makes me wonder whether i’ll waste time stewing in my own juices, sneak peeks at work email (the horror!), possibly tackle that DIY to-do list, or — wonder of wonders — come up with something fun/free at the last minute.

sadly, i’m not at all looking forward to either wedding i’ve got stacked up at the end of the week. weddings fucking suck when your relationship (and life in general) is in the doldrums.


finally went to the local flea market, and proud of myself for riding my bike there and back (9 miles round trip). i wanted to get some exercise, clearly, but was also hoping that it would deter me from buying anything big. actually, i must admit i’ve been doing quite well on the “not buying anything” front. and while i’m totally whining about having no money for a proper vacation, i have actually been able to experience some of the benefits of self-imposed asceticism. materialism = bad 😉

i rode over in a strong headwind under overcast skies. by the time i left, the sun had come out and my tire kept losing air pressure. so i ended up walking most of the way, getting a bit of a farmer’s burn in the process. so attractive for the upcoming wedding i’ll be wearing a sleeveless bridesmaid dress for. yeah!

but lately, these little scrapes i’ve gotten into (having to walk longer distances than usual, being stuck without a car here & there, etc) have been good exercises in putting up with shit, and realizing in the end that inconvenience is actually not so bad.