November 30, 2009

bikey/yogi stuff

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i have been working out fairly consistently these past few weeks and the things I find myself doing the most are bicycling and yoga. partly because my gym is close to work, offers good (aka easy enough for me) classes at times I can handle — and partly because of the immersive, meditative quality of both activities. i spend so much time in my head that i’m in dire need of classes like these, that force me back into my body *and* leave me feeling relaxed afterwards. hooray!

so J & I went on a jaunt yesterday, drove the car (with our handy-dandy, new hitch-mounted bike rack) over to Canada Road out near the junction of highways 92 and 280, and tried a new route along the Crystal Springs reservoir. The weather was perfect: sparkly bright sun and water, warm, and the route wasn’t too tough, despite the hills being slightly more challenging than promised by reviewers (but then again, what idiot rides a single-speed out in nature? oh yeah, me!) i don’t think J loved it, but he was a good sport and took some cool photos.

note: i’m still not near the point where i like seeing photos of myself in short-sleeved shirts, but i hope to get there sometime in 2010. enjoying the ride nonetheless.


February 17, 2006

another gym day

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proud of myself for going without K. also proud that i figured out how to type (jab) from the exercycle. i’m not doing it to show but rather to kill time 😉

and while i’m at it, i should also give myself kudos for finally recharging & refilling my nano! i was getting soo sick of the stuff on there. now, i finally get to hear DJ Kicks-Thievery Corp at the gym!

February 14, 2006

i am a copycatter!

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so here i am the l ju like k, inwat the scren. bui haveeintt recummbent–bi-pinieasiestairmstetyping. hwer, i canosee eesultof jabs. thisould un.
ok that was meant to say: here I am at the gym, just like my friend k, typing a blog entry. but i am on the recumbent bike rather than the stairmaster, for everyone’s safety, really…
I just have one thing to say: THIS SCUCS* ASS!!!

January 19, 2006

in other news…

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I'm making a supercute, little, soon-to-be-felted purse for my niece Maya, who turns 5 on Monday. it's got a frosty green yarn for the main purse part, a pastel multi-colored yarn for the flap and strap, and i'm gonna make a big pink flower applique for the front.

Unfortunately, it's not going to be complete in time for her actual birthday, but I'm hoping it'll be no more than a week or two late. Pix to come later.

I know, I suck.


J is eating yummy chocolate peanutbutter banana cake and breathing rather heavily right now. hehe. that's cause it's goooooooooood. i'm sure i breathed like a sonuvagun when i was shoving a huge piece down my cakehole earlier this evening 😉

so, believe it or not, the "eating better" non-resolution i made is actually kind of working out overall, despite large infusions of chocolate peanutbutter banana cake and two black-bottom cupcakes yesterday. i haven't given up dessert, true. however, my main meals are far healthier than they've been in quite some time. lots more vegies, lots less meat.

lots less? meh. you know what i mean.

also, i have been doing fairly well on the gym thing this week. already been twice, and planning on going again tomorrow.

however, on the spending less front? BADBADBAD. bought a bunch of clothes over the weekend (but there was a party to go to! and a wedding coming up next month! and and and and…) i guess i'm sort of lucky a lot of the clothes didn't fit so well, necessitating returns and refunds.


strangely, i'm feeling more love for my parents recently. just this evening, i was thinking that it might be nice to hang out with them pretty soon. where in hell did *that* idea come from?? i haven't thought such things since I lived in Marin, about 10 miles south from them. weird. (now that i live in the city again, it's about 30 miles away, and across a bridge and everything. hard! far! excuse!)

i've got some dinner parties coming up, and I'm looking forward to them. first one is this weekend, for some of J's fellow expat friends who live in san rafael. we usually go up there (yes! we cross the bridge!) because they have a pool and two cute portuguese water dogs, and trish is a budding pastry chef specializing in chocolatey goodness. but it is long overdue for us to play host, and so i still need to figure out what i'm cooking. eek!! i do have the appetizer fairly decided: salmon and shrimp ceviche (raw fish marinated in lemon and orange juice and tossed with roasted chipotles, avocado and red onion. yum.)

the second dinner is for a fairly sizeable group of friends. i'm thinking of just ordering a big sushi platter for that one, rather than trying to cook. we're finally going to "show off" (aka bore everyone silly with) our photos from Japan.

finally, K's dad and his fiancee are coming to visit in mid-Feb, and I'll be making a dinner for six of us. can't wait!!

January 12, 2006

Taking a moment

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…to acknowledge some achievements (one of my remedies against negativity and self-doubt):

  • Haven't killed the new fish – they still seem to be healthy and happy. They like to look at us as much as we like to look at them.
  • Got in touch with craigslist scooter-seller and will be getting a set of spare keys. This is much needed as original keys are missing and — call me crazy — I'd like to avoid getting more $100 tickets.
  • Been journaling every day. S'fun.
  • Ate yummy salad for lunch and had leftover Korean noodles for dinner, along with oh-so-healthy filtered water with grated ginger.
  • Registered a domain name in my full name and uploaded my *updated* resume and portfolio.
  • Been taking a more active approach to shaping my career.
  • Going to the gym again tomorrow, so better get to sleep!