July 30, 2006


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Berkeley Kite Fest – 27, originally uploaded by RiseyP.

i got one! i flew one! i took pictures of much bigger, higher and more impressive ones!

it was fun 🙂

earlier this morning, a little fluffy sparrow was being fed by his dad on the perch of our birdfeeder. j took a movie of it.

at the end of the video, you can hear SweetBoy pouncing on the blinds, which is what makes the birdies fly away. bad SB!!


July 26, 2006

trippy spam

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Are you seriously telling me that? He typed the words MISERYS RETUR in the upper left-hand comer, the number I in the upper right.

Reported missing, thats all. But even if it turns out the way I think, neither of us will know the actual details until I get them written down, will we? It had fallen in some way that was keeping the locks tongue from retracting completely. Except in the newspaper photographs, he had never seen her in her nurses uniform.

Psychotics, rocked in the poison cradles of their own egos, want to do everyone handy a favor and take them along. A long yellow flame appeared.

He had burned her broken her back stuffed her tubes full of paper and still still still she was coming. This smell reminded him of the smell of the pig when they brought it out of the pit where it had cooked all day.

July 25, 2006

hee hee…

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Today’s giggles:

  • crazy aunt purl, how i love thee!
  • sundry rocks my world (and her commenters rule, too!)
  • isolatr: why do i love smartasses so much? prolly because i’m NOT one, but always wanted to be.

And my real-world buddies:

  • k encounters a crazy drunk cutie
  • whinger scatted in public!!
  • mejane is a kinky romantic

in other news, my 20-year high school reunion was held this weekend. (fuck i’m old–OLD, I tell you!!)

and no. i didn’t go. the 10-year was enough to remind me why i disliked high school so much. the people i went with were IDIOTS. ok, ok, not all of them… but the overwhelming majority: mouth-breathing twits. people who called me a pinko commie for applying to Berkeley.

HA! i showed them! i ended up at UCSB, developed a drinking problem, and became a little sister at some fraternity i can’t even remember the name of! Wheeee!! (thank god, i laid off the sauce eventually, pulled myself together and graduated with honors. but i often wonder how different life would be had i taken Cal up on their acceptance letter…)

anyway, to be perfectly honest, i MIGHT have been tempted to go to the reunion, but only on two huuuugely-unlikely conditions:

  1. If I weighed maybe 35 pounds less
  2. If my love would agree to accompany me

So, rather than haul my bruised ass down south to some lame Disneyland-area hotel for a weekend of awkward conversations and stultifying smog, I chose a higher calling: to rant about people i spent three years with 20 years ago, from the lofty parapet of my online journal, read by millions of slavering faithful.

is slavering a word? i’m too lazy to look it up.

faithful? anyone? hello?


July 22, 2006

spoiled rotten

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the view from my bed at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn

I stayed there thursday night as a nice treat to myself, got a spa treatment, swam in the pool and had a lovely dinner at the girl and the fig restaurant.

mostly, i watched crap tv on the huge screen from my luscious four-poster bed. hooray for days off between jobs!!

July 16, 2006

8 lbs down…

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54 to go!!

Oh ma gah — I bought the most gorgeous shoes today; check out how perfect and incredible they are:


they make even my thick-ish ankles look trim & sexy! YAY!

Sigh: two more days left at my wonderful job, and then it’s time to go to the much better-paying, hopefully not too-soul-destroying new(er) job! As J likes to tease me, my new job just wasn’t new enough for me, so I had to get a newer one!! Heh 😉

BTW, I am soo happy with the nice weather we’ve been having this month. Sorry to say, if global warming is what has thawed our normally icy-cold SF summer, then i’ll take it. (My deepest apologies to Al Gore — but I love me some warm weather!)

Oh, and lovely news from the parentals. Out of money (again.) But I was fairly pleased with my outlook and reaction this time: calm, collected, fair and — to risk repeating the boringest-ever line Kristy and I overheard at Cafe Royale — I kept my boundaries firmly in place.

Meanwhile, anyone want to adopt two 60-something couch potatoes? Free to a good home!

July 9, 2006

SO. Good.

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best movie i’ve seen all year.

*and* i had the best birthday since i turned 25 — the year a surprise party was thrown for me.

just, wow. my friends astound me.

guess 38’s my lucky number for a real reason!

July 8, 2006

cute bday ecards i got today…

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from melly and richie

from aki and al