June 4, 2006

email 3

Posted in internets at 7:14 pm by Marise Phillips

Hi RiseyP,

I know exactly how you feel. I was skeptical, too, but I started listening to the stories of the people and they seemed REAL. Then I met a few of them and I realized they were just like me. They were willing to put forth maybe 10% more effort than the ordinary person to be successful.

There are always rumors, opinions and stories, but if you REALLY want to be sucessful, you have to dig deeper. If you want to get the facts, read this month's issue of "Success from Home" magazine. Thousands of people have succeeded in [Company 2] and thousands more will in the future. It is one of the few businesses available that doesn't reqire huge capitalization and has training and support, particularly our organization, [Company 1]. If you do NOT truly want to be successful, any excuse will do. There are always those who don't make it and it's usually because they QUIT TOO SOON. If your friends lost alot of money because they had a large inventory (which we do not recommend), they could have returned the products for a refund. Our emphasis is getting wealthy based on one's personal use and teaching others to do the same rather than retailing. This is the wave of the future. You can catch the wave or you can let it pass you by. If they were in business with unscrupulous people, that it unfortunate. There are a lot more unscrupulous people in the business world in general than there are in [Company 2] in general. In [Company 1], I do not know of a single person. They are just great people, honest, highly motivated, supportive. We offer you a chance to reach your goals of home ownership, travel and your every heart's desire. It is almost impossible to get ahead by working for other people. Did you read the Robert Kiyosaki books we recommended? Here they are again in the reading order we recommend: Rich Dad Poor Dad, Cash Flow Quadrant and Rich Dad's Guide to Investing. There are lots more. Read then take action.

I connected with you online when you answered the ad for the apt, and I think you're a neat person, so much so that I really wanted to meet you. We took time out from our busy schedule to meet you and we are very glad we did. We would like to help you succeed and what we have to offer is real. It is up to you whether you grab on as if your life depended on it or just let it slip away. Life goes so fast, we recommend getting started now. With our help, you can be wealthy and free within just a few short years. Use your time and life energy working for yourself rather than working for others. They will not be around to support you when you're too old to work. The next few years can be the time when you build your estate or just watch life pass you by.




June 3, 2006

email 2

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Hello G,

K is indeed correct; I am an email junkie — I hardly ever talk much on the phone nowadays. Consequently, my cellphone is often turned off, or out of batteries (cause I'm always forgetting to recharge it) — my friends will attest to this sometimes very annoying fact about me!

So yes, I did receive your voicemail, and I apologize for the delay in responding. I have been very busy settling into my new job these past couple weeks. But it's been a lot of fun and, all in all, quite worth it.

However, I did want to let you know I did some poking around on the web regarding the business opportunity we discussed; specifically, I gathered information on [Company 1], [Company 2] and [Company 3].

Unfortunately, it's not something I have interest in getting involved with– and I should probably tell you right up front that I am highly skeptical of multi-level marketing based business models. Some close family friends worked for [Company 3] in the late 80s-early 90s and, sadly, lost a sizeable investment.

However, I'm very glad to hear that [Company 1] is working out for you and K, and I sincerely wish you continued success.

Thank you again for thinking of me and, most of all, thanks for the time we spent at lunch in North Beach! I truly enjoyed meeting you both and hearing about your families and how you met 🙂



June 2, 2006

email 1

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Hello RiseyP,

K told me that email is the high-tec of preference where as I like cell phones. I attempt contacting you at [phone number 1] and [phone number 2]. The purpose is to continue the discussion regarding developing business teams. Are you interested in getting more information. Maybe you know someone who is willing to create a sizable business?

Please email and we can set a time to talk on the phone.



June 1, 2006

back story

Posted in internets at 6:22 pm by Marise Phillips

Several months ago, I applied for a job at Amazon.com. I got pretty far along in the process and was planning to fly up for an interview. While this was progressing, I started looking at places to live on craigslist Seattle, and got in touch with some people whose rental cottage was adorable.

When the plans fell through (basically, cause J didn't want to move there and I didn't want to go without him), I stayed in touch with the cottage-rental people and we had a nice correspondence going. A few weeks later, they told me they were coming to the Bay Area for a work conference, and asked if I would be free to meet them for lunch sometime. I accepted the invitation, and as their trip got closer and closer, I sent them a number of local recommendations, etc.

As the day of the lunch date arrived, I had a distinct feeling that something weird was going to happen; either they would be horribly boring, or members of a cult, or that they'd try and seduce me or something.

 My instincts were fairly on target: they pitched me on a pyramid scheme.


October 12, 2005

flipbook is FUN

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i just spent a couple hours playing with this… oh, how i love the internets!!

kinda bummed when i put david's glasses on today, and realized how much more clearly I could see with them. So much for $7K LASIK with schmancy waveform technology and no-blade corneal searing action!

speaking of david, it was both his and mallomar's last day today, and i raked in the boo-tay:

  • One Aeron chair
  • Three barbies, with extra clothes and shoes
  • One dry erase board, marker and eraser
  • One Homer Simpson, sitting in his La-Z-Boy and drinkin' a Duff ™
  • Two Simpsons scenes (backgrounds with the outlets you can plug em into to make em talk)
  • One Quintessential Comic Book Salesguy (also from the Simpsons, just don't know his name)
  • One very myopic potbellied guy (Simpsons again, don't know his name)

So that was keww.

Me, Aki, Menka, David & Mlomlo went to lunch at Ali Baba to send them off. I'm glad we could do that with such short notice. It was fun because all we did (besides eat middle eastern food) was tease D about his new place of work. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course!! 😉

Susan came over for a smoke later on which was a perfectly fitting farewell gesture.

Ten minutes after they left the building, a fire alarm went off.

Hmmmmm? 🙂 !!!!

September 1, 2005

a wonderfully twiddly new find online

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Spell with flickr!

M bagRTrain Logo CirclesE & ivy

April 8, 2005


Posted in internets, shopping, toys, video games at 2:08 pm by Marise Phillips

I ordered my new PlayStation Portable on Monday, and it's not due to arrive til next Tuesday!! *crys*

I hate this week. Not just cause I have to wait for the PSP, but also cause it's the first week of Daylight Savings and I'm TIRED!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Also, I am extremely annoyed with eBay because they suspended my account – someone hacked in and tried to sell a Mazda RX-8 using my account. Fuggers. It's been two-and-a-half days, I've jumped through all the hoops, and still I can't log in and bid, baby, bid! CRAP.

I've contemplated getting a new user ID but I don't wanna… I'm infected with some sort of uncurable eBay snobbery that prevents me from going back to the days of having a "(0) – I'm new!" next to my user ID.

April 5, 2005

Looking Up

Posted in internets, weekend at 4:42 pm by Marise Phillips

I don't know why I'm always looking up these days.

I'm not short (though my bf is fairly tall), I'm depressed a lot of the time, it keeps fucking raining, I took a pay cut for my new job at which the benefits are alarmingly LAME, my auto insurance just went up again (this time up to $400 PER month!! Yes, you read it right…) and goddammit, Hannidate has been taken offline!! Now how am I going to find compassionate conservative divorced playmates who love the lord??

But check this out:
Image Hosted by The Image Hosting and Image Hosted by The Image Hosting

Even Kate Cries For No Reason At All

Posted in depression, internets at 4:32 pm by Marise Phillips

So this was at the bottom of some e-mail I got today (bold formatting mine)

———————- Yahoo! Groups Sponsor ——————–~–>
Ever feel sad or cry for no reason at all?
Depression. Narrated by Kate Hudson.

But at least J's company will cover my health benefits, so I can keep going to therapy, stay on the patch (Cats, Not Kids!) and continue the alarming cholesterol-lowering drug regimen I'm on!

Oh, to be a careworn 50-ish man swimming laps that don't seem to be reducing his man-tits… LIPITOR.

April 1, 2005

My new favorite web radio station

Posted in internets, music at 4:25 pm by Marise Phillips

Brit Pop: Sour Times

A band list: Aphex Twin, Arab Strap, Syd Barrett, Shirley Bassey, Blur, Boards of Canada, Broadcast, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Elbow, Brian Eno, Gorillaz, Groove Armada, PJ Harvey, Even Johansen, Lamb, Leftfield, Massive Attack, Mogwai, Mr. Scruff, Orb, Beth Orton, The Pastels, Pink Floyd, Plaid, Portishead, Primal Scream, Pulp, Radiohead, Reindeer Section, Slowdive, Spiritualized, Starsailor, Tin Star, Travis, UNKLE, The Verve, Zero 7

Yay! I love the internets!

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