October 30, 2008

no on 8

Posted in uncategorized at 10:27 pm by Marise Phillips

**names have been changed to protect the innocent**

Hi Dean,

I noticed Melanie was supporting Prop 8. Since you and I are the ones with the past friendship, I didn’t feel right writing to her about this. But assuming that you agree with her (and my apologies if you do not) I thought maybe I could persuade you to spare a few more moments in reflection about this issue.

I wanted to share some relevant quotes from CA newspapers, which pretty well sum up my thoughts about Prop 8:

“Even people with reservations about same-sex marriage should consider the import of voting against a legal right.”

“Please note that Proposition 8 makes no mention of changes to the curriculum taught in classrooms or to the tax-exemption status of churches.”

“It is contradictory and hypocritical to stand as an American and talk about the foundation of equality, tolerance and fairness of the nation, and then to turn our backs on other citizens who are equally entitled.”

As you may know, Prop 8 is primarily funded by the LDS, which is headquartered in Utah. To my mind, non-Californians shouldn’t be able to come in and change our state’s constitution, right?

Most importantly, though, this is about real people. I am friends with 6 long-standing same-sex couples who got legally married recently, and who would lose fundamental rights of survivorship, medical visitation, etc. if Prop 8 were to be passed. One of these couples has been together for 18 years.

I know there’s probably not a huge chance of me being able to change your mind on this, but it is something so important to me and some of the people I care about, that I would be grateful if you were at least willing to think about it a bit more.

Take care,



  1. Beth said,

    Sigh. It never hurts to try, right? Or it does hurt, but it’s pain worth working through.

  2. RiseyP said,

    Beth – It did and does hurt, but it’s worth it. I don’t even know if this guy will reply to me. He’s an ex-bf of mine and though we did remain quite good friends for several years after we broke up, it’s been more than 5 years since we’ve spoken. Facebook, LinkedIn, etc are all weird that way. The connections are like ripples in a pond: some are more far-out than others.

  3. kol saati said,

    Thank You..

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