January 26, 2007

i’m so… not picky :-)

Posted in movie review at 8:02 pm by Marise Phillips

at least when it comes to movies, i spose.

this is why:

i really liked Talladega Nights. when i admitted this to kiki a couple weeks ago, she patted my hand, shook her head and said, “oh honey…”

but, but, but — it was funny!

worse, I just got out of Smokin’ Aces, and while the ending was sooooo never-gonna-happen kind of ridiculous, i STILL liked it. sure, it’s a total Tarantino rip-off, but all the performances were really good. i really like seeing actors doing something wildly different than what they’re known for doing.

my faves were Jason Bateman (his role, alone, validated the ticket price for me), Common, and Alicia Keys. i hope her acting career flourishes.


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