November 29, 2006

orifice? check!

Posted in family, home at 9:49 pm by Marise Phillips

if i’ve got one, they’re going to peer into it. the bank, that is.

i’m frankly sick to shit of all the last-minute scrambles i’m being forced to go through, just to provide all the documentation the mortgage lender expects from us. i don’t understand why they can’t get the information they need via my credit report or some other method — but are, instead, relying on me to provide copies of my great-aunt’s cousin-twice-removed’s father-in-law’s dog’s second wife’s tax return from 1965.


—five minutes pass—

Oh wait, i JUST found out why this is happening. i just got off the phone with my realtor, who informed me that the loan processor his office always uses is leaving the company tomorrow, and while she told us that all the paperwork was complete 2 weeks ago, ACTUALLY the truth is that it wasn’t even STARTED until today. and we were planning to close TOMORROW. now it looks like we will not close until Monday at the earliest.

this means my parents’ move will have to be postponed, and i will have to reschedule all the service appointments i carefully set up for early next week.

fucking SLAGASS bitch!


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