July 26, 2006

trippy spam

Posted in internets at 8:49 pm by Marise Phillips

Are you seriously telling me that? He typed the words MISERYS RETUR in the upper left-hand comer, the number I in the upper right.

Reported missing, thats all. But even if it turns out the way I think, neither of us will know the actual details until I get them written down, will we? It had fallen in some way that was keeping the locks tongue from retracting completely. Except in the newspaper photographs, he had never seen her in her nurses uniform.

Psychotics, rocked in the poison cradles of their own egos, want to do everyone handy a favor and take them along. A long yellow flame appeared.

He had burned her broken her back stuffed her tubes full of paper and still still still she was coming. This smell reminded him of the smell of the pig when they brought it out of the pit where it had cooked all day.


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  1. darci said,

    looks like a quote from misery, by stephen king. i have yet to figure out what exaclty the spammers are getting out of the transaction when they send us stuff like that.

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