July 25, 2006

hee hee…

Posted in aging, internets, nostalgia at 5:23 pm by Marise Phillips

Today’s giggles:

  • crazy aunt purl, how i love thee!
  • sundry rocks my world (and her commenters rule, too!)
  • isolatr: why do i love smartasses so much? prolly because i’m NOT one, but always wanted to be.

And my real-world buddies:

  • k encounters a crazy drunk cutie
  • whinger scatted in public!!
  • mejane is a kinky romantic

in other news, my 20-year high school reunion was held this weekend. (fuck i’m old–OLD, I tell you!!)

and no. i didn’t go. the 10-year was enough to remind me why i disliked high school so much. the people i went with were IDIOTS. ok, ok, not all of them… but the overwhelming majority: mouth-breathing twits. people who called me a pinko commie for applying to Berkeley.

HA! i showed them! i ended up at UCSB, developed a drinking problem, and became a little sister at some fraternity i can’t even remember the name of! Wheeee!! (thank god, i laid off the sauce eventually, pulled myself together and graduated with honors. but i often wonder how different life would be had i taken Cal up on their acceptance letter…)

anyway, to be perfectly honest, i MIGHT have been tempted to go to the reunion, but only on two huuuugely-unlikely conditions:

  1. If I weighed maybe 35 pounds less
  2. If my love would agree to accompany me

So, rather than haul my bruised ass down south to some lame Disneyland-area hotel for a weekend of awkward conversations and stultifying smog, I chose a higher calling: to rant about people i spent three years with 20 years ago, from the lofty parapet of my online journal, read by millions of slavering faithful.

is slavering a word? i’m too lazy to look it up.

faithful? anyone? hello?



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  1. mejane said,

    I didn’t go to any of my reunions, either, and I probably never will. Somehow, I don’t think I’m missing much.

    btw– I *love* your new shoes!

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