July 16, 2006

8 lbs down…

Posted in dieting, family, weekend at 11:09 pm by Marise Phillips

54 to go!!

Oh ma gah — I bought the most gorgeous shoes today; check out how perfect and incredible they are:


they make even my thick-ish ankles look trim & sexy! YAY!

Sigh: two more days left at my wonderful job, and then it’s time to go to the much better-paying, hopefully not too-soul-destroying new(er) job! As J likes to tease me, my new job just wasn’t new enough for me, so I had to get a newer one!! Heh 😉

BTW, I am soo happy with the nice weather we’ve been having this month. Sorry to say, if global warming is what has thawed our normally icy-cold SF summer, then i’ll take it. (My deepest apologies to Al Gore — but I love me some warm weather!)

Oh, and lovely news from the parentals. Out of money (again.) But I was fairly pleased with my outlook and reaction this time: calm, collected, fair and — to risk repeating the boringest-ever line Kristy and I overheard at Cafe Royale — I kept my boundaries firmly in place.

Meanwhile, anyone want to adopt two 60-something couch potatoes? Free to a good home!


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  1. k said,

    i forgot about crazy miss boundaries! she could not pull off THESE shoes! yay!

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