June 4, 2006

email 3

Posted in internets at 7:14 pm by Marise Phillips

Hi RiseyP,

I know exactly how you feel. I was skeptical, too, but I started listening to the stories of the people and they seemed REAL. Then I met a few of them and I realized they were just like me. They were willing to put forth maybe 10% more effort than the ordinary person to be successful.

There are always rumors, opinions and stories, but if you REALLY want to be sucessful, you have to dig deeper. If you want to get the facts, read this month's issue of "Success from Home" magazine. Thousands of people have succeeded in [Company 2] and thousands more will in the future. It is one of the few businesses available that doesn't reqire huge capitalization and has training and support, particularly our organization, [Company 1]. If you do NOT truly want to be successful, any excuse will do. There are always those who don't make it and it's usually because they QUIT TOO SOON. If your friends lost alot of money because they had a large inventory (which we do not recommend), they could have returned the products for a refund. Our emphasis is getting wealthy based on one's personal use and teaching others to do the same rather than retailing. This is the wave of the future. You can catch the wave or you can let it pass you by. If they were in business with unscrupulous people, that it unfortunate. There are a lot more unscrupulous people in the business world in general than there are in [Company 2] in general. In [Company 1], I do not know of a single person. They are just great people, honest, highly motivated, supportive. We offer you a chance to reach your goals of home ownership, travel and your every heart's desire. It is almost impossible to get ahead by working for other people. Did you read the Robert Kiyosaki books we recommended? Here they are again in the reading order we recommend: Rich Dad Poor Dad, Cash Flow Quadrant and Rich Dad's Guide to Investing. There are lots more. Read then take action.

I connected with you online when you answered the ad for the apt, and I think you're a neat person, so much so that I really wanted to meet you. We took time out from our busy schedule to meet you and we are very glad we did. We would like to help you succeed and what we have to offer is real. It is up to you whether you grab on as if your life depended on it or just let it slip away. Life goes so fast, we recommend getting started now. With our help, you can be wealthy and free within just a few short years. Use your time and life energy working for yourself rather than working for others. They will not be around to support you when you're too old to work. The next few years can be the time when you build your estate or just watch life pass you by.




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