June 3, 2006

email 2

Posted in internets at 7:05 pm by Marise Phillips

Hello G,

K is indeed correct; I am an email junkie — I hardly ever talk much on the phone nowadays. Consequently, my cellphone is often turned off, or out of batteries (cause I'm always forgetting to recharge it) — my friends will attest to this sometimes very annoying fact about me!

So yes, I did receive your voicemail, and I apologize for the delay in responding. I have been very busy settling into my new job these past couple weeks. But it's been a lot of fun and, all in all, quite worth it.

However, I did want to let you know I did some poking around on the web regarding the business opportunity we discussed; specifically, I gathered information on [Company 1], [Company 2] and [Company 3].

Unfortunately, it's not something I have interest in getting involved with– and I should probably tell you right up front that I am highly skeptical of multi-level marketing based business models. Some close family friends worked for [Company 3] in the late 80s-early 90s and, sadly, lost a sizeable investment.

However, I'm very glad to hear that [Company 1] is working out for you and K, and I sincerely wish you continued success.

Thank you again for thinking of me and, most of all, thanks for the time we spent at lunch in North Beach! I truly enjoyed meeting you both and hearing about your families and how you met 🙂




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