June 1, 2006

back story

Posted in internets at 6:22 pm by Marise Phillips

Several months ago, I applied for a job at Amazon.com. I got pretty far along in the process and was planning to fly up for an interview. While this was progressing, I started looking at places to live on craigslist Seattle, and got in touch with some people whose rental cottage was adorable.

When the plans fell through (basically, cause J didn't want to move there and I didn't want to go without him), I stayed in touch with the cottage-rental people and we had a nice correspondence going. A few weeks later, they told me they were coming to the Bay Area for a work conference, and asked if I would be free to meet them for lunch sometime. I accepted the invitation, and as their trip got closer and closer, I sent them a number of local recommendations, etc.

As the day of the lunch date arrived, I had a distinct feeling that something weird was going to happen; either they would be horribly boring, or members of a cult, or that they'd try and seduce me or something.

 My instincts were fairly on target: they pitched me on a pyramid scheme.



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