April 12, 2006

oh what a night!

Posted in aging, weekend at 10:55 pm by Marise Phillips

40 really *is* the new 30!
Originally uploaded by RiseyP.

late september, back in sixty-three…

Ok, so maybe it was more like late august, and perhaps the year was sixty-five, but close enough!! it was the sixties fer chrissakes!

anyway, sometime ’round then, my bestest buddy dana was conceived. and i am so, so glad she was!!

she has made my life everso much more fun these last eight or so years, in a variety of ways:

  • conspiring against our evil manager and soulless workmates while pretending we weren’t friends
  • outdoing one another in the quest for true tackiness at the flower market while planning my wedding
  • tae-bo in the living room and runs in the park
  • sunset barbecues on my deck in marin with juicy fruit and the pugaliciouses!
  • repeated viewings and quotings of le grand lebowski
  • commiserating as our respective marriages crumbled
  • enjoying the killer view and competing 4th of july fireworks shows from our little rented house in dolores heights
  • much drunkenness and even more good food
  • refraining from killing each other over my beloved Martha Stewart laundry hamper
  • seven glorious days at a villa on the amalfi coast of italy with signor cleek
  • getting one another through breakups, makeups and movings-on

I love you, Thena!!


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  1. Whinger said,

    Ask Partner about the FANTASTIC article she recently read about how 20 and 40 are not interchangeable.

    Love it.

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