February 8, 2006

my first sweater…

Posted in knitting at 11:23 pm by Marise Phillips

…is coming along!

i'm really enjoying the knitting class i started last night. i tell ya, i never expected to ever get this "advanced" 🙂 but it's actually working out – SO FAR.

my only complaint is that all the women who work at the LYS (which shall remain unnamed*) are total nazis. at least the teacher is a normal human being. and everyone in the class seems nice.

here is the pattern…

"Rosehip" from the Rowan Summer Tweed Collection

and here is the yarn…

"Smolder" in Rowan Summer Tweed

However, note of advice: don't take a class anywhere that forces you to buy all the materials (pattern book included!) at their store. LAME. I've spent over $200 on this endeavor so far. Had I been able to buy the materials online, I would have saved upwards of $70.

* this is a small town, and yes – I fear the knitting mafia!!



  1. Whinger said,

    I SO need to take a class.

    Must find time….

  2. miss kendra said,

    i like the sweater.

    one of these days i will knit again!–>

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