January 12, 2006

Taking a moment

Posted in self-improvement, tales from the gym at 10:33 pm by Marise Phillips

…to acknowledge some achievements (one of my remedies against negativity and self-doubt):

  • Haven't killed the new fish – they still seem to be healthy and happy. They like to look at us as much as we like to look at them.
  • Got in touch with craigslist scooter-seller and will be getting a set of spare keys. This is much needed as original keys are missing and — call me crazy — I'd like to avoid getting more $100 tickets.
  • Been journaling every day. S'fun.
  • Ate yummy salad for lunch and had leftover Korean noodles for dinner, along with oh-so-healthy filtered water with grated ginger.
  • Registered a domain name in my full name and uploaded my *updated* resume and portfolio.
  • Been taking a more active approach to shaping my career.
  • Going to the gym again tomorrow, so better get to sleep!

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  1. Whinger said,

    Barely on topic, but I so want a scooter.

    However, as I am afraid of regular bicycles, Partner does not allow it.

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