December 31, 2005

New Year’s “Opportunities”

Posted in pets, self-improvement at 12:40 pm by Marise Phillips

For many reasons, I’m not big on making New Year’s Resolutions. One, it’s not a time of year that *feels* particularly new and fresh, or that naturally gives rise to making changes… for *me*, I mean. I tend to feel far more energized in spring and autumn, personally.

However, because of what happened to me last night, I found it very hard to get to sleep, and so spent a few hours in deep self-reflection, determined to extract the hard lessons the Universe has been trying to teach me for some time now:

  1. SLOW. DOWN.
  2. Breathe deeply.
  3. Think before I speak and act.
  4. Generally reduce the space I take up in the world by:
    • eating less
    • wanting less
    • buying less
    • yearning less
    • complaining less
    • gossiping less
    • criticizing less
    • wasting less
    • risking less

The last one, risking less, is a very interesting concept for me to meditate on. Many people I know could benefit a great deal from risking more. As for me, I really don’t think I need to worry. I risk plenty. I risk way too much, as a matter of fact.

Case in point: I went out this morning to find my car’s rear vent window had been smashed in at some point last night. I had parked right in front of my house; however, I pay $75 a month for a garage space around the block. The garage’s location requires me to walk a bit farther, but has the distinct advantage of protecting my car from theft or damage.

I need to use that garage consistently, and stop whining about how it’s narrow and hard to park in, how it’s tandem with two other cars and sometimes I have to move them before I can get out, how there’s standing water on the ground in there right now and it smells bad. My landlord’s a good guy. I just have to give him a call and he’ll deal with the puddle, probably within 24 hours.

So these are what I consider my greatest opportunities for 2006, actions that will hopefully help “quiet down” the increasingly loud and insistent wake-up calls I’ve been getting from the Universe.


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