December 30, 2005

The List

Posted in memes at 11:24 pm by Marise Phillips

Foo: Have a challenge for you.
RiseyP: k
Foo: Read my blog…
RiseyP: k

RiseyP: k
RiseyP: are you tagging me? 😉
Foo: Consider yourself tagged.

RiseyP’s List of Good Things About 2005

  1. I spent New Year’s Day (and Eve) 2005 in Amsty-dam!
  2. I learned how to knit – yippee!
  3. I got LASIK.
  4. I bought a thoroughly fabulous powder blue Aprilia Mojito scooter!!
  5. I visited my adorable nieces and lovely sis-in-law.
  6. I went to Hawaii (the Big Island) and snorkeled on Valentine’s Day 🙂
  7. I got a new job with a lot less stress.
  8. My commute went from 55+ minutes to less than 20!
  9. I’ve made a lot of new friends at said new job.
  10. I got “promoted” at work (waiting ’til review time next year to actually benefit from it…)
  11. I had a fun birthday lunch at the Ramp with a bunch of my work friends.
  12. I went to lovely Telluride, Colorado for 5 days to visit my good friends Maureen and Pat.
  13. I recruited three friends to come work at my new company.
  14. I got 3 nice bonuses, and won a portable DVD player from work for doing the above.
  15. My love and I bought a condo in Telluride!!
  16. I learned some Japanese.
  17. I got a gorgeous blue Betta fish, named Cruiser.
  18. I bought myself an Apple iBook.
  19. I learned how to use GarageBand, and even wrote a little songlet.
  20. I joined the gym and started swimming again.
  21. I got an iPod Nano from my lovey 🙂
  22. I went to Korea *and* Japan!
  23. I got to see my brother doing well in his new job teaching English in Korea.
  24. I began to blog more consistently, and two people link to me now. Woo hoo!!

  25. I got two beautiful goldfish!! Whom I am picking up & bringing home this very afternoon…*

*My lovey, who warned me time and time again about how delicate (fancy) goldfish are, didn’t hate me forever for failing to keep them alive longer than 5 hours after bringing them home…

😦 !!!!


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