December 12, 2005


Posted in politics at 7:49 pm by Marise Phillips

[12:00] jayembee: America is a bit loopy really…
Trimming Christmas from Trees Stirs Debate
[12:14] riseyp: Yes
[12:14] riseyp: hate them
[12:15] jayembee: madness
[12:15] riseyp: yup
[12:16] jayembee: but then again, amusing that Christians should be fighthing for the right to associate their pagan phallic symbols with the Messiah
[12:16] riseyp: ROFL – exactly

[15:38] jayembee: More imbeciles:
Critics Aren’t Keeping Quiet Over ‘Silent Night’ Lyrics Change

“Similarly, the group Concerned Women for America has issued a “naughty or nice” list of retailers “showing which businesses are honoring the reason for the season (the birth of Jesus), which ones are not and which have mixed records.”

[15:39] jayembee: Except that Jesus was born in early January
[15:39] jayembee: and most of the things that we associate with Christmas are pagan
[15:40] jayembee: why don’t these f**king morons know anything about their own f**king religion that they insist on forcing down our throats?
[15:44] jayembee: And this says it all

At one local Target, in Colma, most of the in-store advertising offers a generic “Gatherround.” One of the few advertising mentions of the C-word is above a Christmas card rack that says, “Celebrate Christmas.” That’s not good enough for American Family Association President Tim Wildmon, who wants to see “Merry Christmas” signs displayed prominently “if they expect Christians to come in and buy products during this so-called season.” And he isn’t worried if they offend people who aren’t Christian. “They can walk right by the sign,” Wildmon said. “It’s a federal holiday. If someone is upset by that, well, they should know that they are living in a predominantly Christian nation.”

[15:45] jayembee: 8-|
[16:00] riseyp: i hate those fucks


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  1. matt said,

    this post makes me laugh! and it makes me miss you too, u 2 r adorable!

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