December 4, 2005

weekend thus far…

Posted in aging, knitting, weekend at 11:02 am by Marise Phillips

although i was initially very excited about the amon tobin show on friday, i realized halfway through the day: “wait a minute!! i loooooove staying home on Friday nights!! what was i thinking?!?!” so i wrote back to everyone who had responded to my Outlook invite and warned them that i would probably be a no-show.

so home i stayed, knitting and wine in hand, recovering from the night before: we had gone over to Ian & Sarah’s to look at their Africa photos and show them ours from Japan. we were barely scratching the surface of our set when it got to be 11:30pm and I begged J to let us go home. i’d made plans to go to the gym with K the next morning and I knew that was pretty much unlikely by then… anyway, wine & scarf-to-be at my side Friday nite, we watched some Samurai Champu and tentacle pr0n and had a mellow evening.

slept in until 10:30 or 11am on saturday. after catching up on the daily blogfest, i made some yummy japanese-style brekky: rice, scrambled egg and pickled vegies for breakfast. j went out to fetch coffee and croissants, as is his custom. we had a nice long relaxing morning and didn’t leave the house til 2pm or so. went over to Best Buy in pursuit of a new camera J had his eye on, but the price was higher than on the website, so we went to Universal Cafe in search of lunch. it had just closed (curses!!) so we headed over to Chez Maman on 18th. that was nice, though of course very slooooooooooooow.

afterwards, i decided to take J to ARCH, my favorite little knickknack/art supply store in the area, and I bought some xmas gifts for various folk. we headed back home and j resumed his search for the lowest price available on that camera he wanted. he found it at circuit city, which was fortunately just 5 blocks away from K’s a capella concert venue. so we did both! and the concert was fun, we got to see all our pals, and planned a white elephant gift exchange. j & i had din at Thai House afterwards, and i zonked out when we got home. (of course, j had to read the manual that came with his new camera — something I rarely do — and the results are very telling.)

this morning, we’ve been relaxing and webtrawling from our respective laptops… i made lattes and a reprise of yesterday’s breakfast. eventually, we have to face up to the herculean task of clearing the clutter, junk and old clothes from the spare bedroom. but it will be sooo worth it to rid ourselves of all that unnecessariness!!


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  1. stacyo said,

    i’m a little jealous of your template….–>

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