November 27, 2005

evil cats. of doooooom.

Posted in movie review, pets, weekend at 10:13 am by Marise Phillips

this morning, the cats decided to ruin the last morning of my NOT-long-weekend (I had to work Friday, rkr frkr!!!!) by very loudly scampering and fighting and being otherwise annoying all over the bed. starting at about 7am and continuing on through to about 9:30.

i got up at about 8 to go walk Nellie-dog, but poor J had to endure the evil cats of doom while i was gone, so much so that he actually got up, showered and dressed, went out & got himself coffee, all by the time I returned from my dogsitting duties, bearing my own set of coffee and croissants. this kind of early rising thing is unheard of for j. especially during his sabbatical.

so now that we are both awake and rather cranky, i am trying to decide what to do with this day. we saw Harry Potter yesterday – FINALLY – and it was soooooooooooo excellent, rip-roaring and FUN!! Love me some HP!!! So that goal is complete.

LOVE Cedric!!

I have about 600 more photos to edit, but I’m not feeling that at the moment… hmm… The house is a complete mess, and the cleaners are coming tomorrow, so I’ll definitely have to do some tidying up.

So many potential errands, so little time!!

  • Buy rice cooker, go grocery shopping at Ranch 99 in Daly City
  • Return stuff at Old Navy & Ross
  • Bag up piles of unused clothes and things & take to Goodwill
  • Box up various toys and send to Haji in Afghanistan
  • Go to Good Vibes & look for Hitachi Magic Wand attachments
  • Investigate potential places to stay for Xmas – my bro will be in town!!
  • Type up my Asia trip diary

At least a nice portion of my Xmas shopping is already done. Thank you, internets!!! I have been good so far and have resisted the urge to buy myself all sorts of tempting things: a cashmere throw, various on-sale DVDs, etc… OH yes, the holidays once again are about temporary self-denial! I s’pose it’s good for me.

So far this weekend, I’ve been wasting a lot of time reading Megatokyo, all the way from the very beginning… So well done (art-wise at least!)


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  1. knitcrazed said,

    that dog is way too cute!!! i want to pick it up and squeeze it… okay and picking up cedric and squeezing him wouldn’t be too bad either 😉 will i give it away and say that i cried when the sad scene with cedric happened?

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