November 22, 2005

more monkey goodness!

Posted in travel at 11:57 pm by Marise Phillips

Per Foo, who had an even worse day than I did…

Nellie, the dog I'm sitting, escaped from my friend Dana's nearly-dogproofed backyard. Which led me on a three-hour hunt around her very hilly neighborhood around which idiots like to drive their sports cars far too fast. Fortunately, I found the escapee, but not before much hysterical sobbing and gnashing of teeth ensued.

…I am to upload more monkey photos. Pronto.

Here they are!!



  1. Don’t stare at the monkeys!!!!


  2. sirreene said,

    Where’s George? I am just curious.

  3. laurie said,

    Risey… were we separated at birth? You know the secret password is MONKEY!!!!

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