November 3, 2005

not a bad day at all

Posted in travel, work at 12:21 am by Marise Phillips

considering it was my last day of work before leaving on a long-ish vacation, it turned out pretty well.

i approached it with a fairly consistent sense of calm and willingness to play certain things by ear, most notably how much work i would do before i left for the day. and i got 95% of the way there!! plus i feel good about the prioritization i did as i went along, and which things i ultimately decided not to over-worry about.

true to form, pretty much my biggest priority was a lunch with my project team to celebrate my being "done" with a fairly big chunk of work. it's the first time i've worked alongside a formal, cross-functional UE team on a digital music project here. by "done," i mean: there are still some unresolved issues, but they're fairly picked over by now, and i feel confident that the team can figure it out in my absence.

the lunch ended up being just me, Peter and Aki, but it was really nice just hanging out with the two of them. i've gotten to know Aki quite well during this project, and absolutely adore him. always have, always will. you just know it with some people. Peter I didn't know much at all until recently, and I'm really glad he came too — and glad that the group was so small, it made it much easier to get to know him better.

plus, the food was great. can't go wrong with Chez Maman — and what an excellent bit of news to find out they opened a (much larger) 2nd location on Cortland!

anyway, all that was of course the best part of the day… i've really enjoyed my job on a social level, and this was just another instance of a nice time to be had with very good people that i'm glad to have met.


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