October 22, 2005

pre-trip shopping spree

Posted in shopping, travel at 5:10 pm by Marise Phillips

oh dear. it's happened again.

i have so little control over myself before i go on vacation. strange, that. it tends to put me in a position financially in which i can afford even less while i'm actually traveling…

it must have something to do with the anxiety (however happy it may be) i feel during the last couple weeks before a big trip, particularly if it's somewhere i've never been. and so i tell myself i *need* these things in order to be more comfortable/organized/prepared for the trip.

just for example, the classic rationale, "i *need* good walking shoes, at least 2-3 more pairs."

oddly, only about 1 in 6 pairs of these "good walking shoes" end up being comfortable enough for the miles of walking i've done in places like paris, new york and rome. regardless of my careful advance preparation, i end up with sore feet more often than not — mostly due to the fact that cuteness tends to win over usefulness in riseyp-land 🙂

i wonder how these late-breaking shoe purchases will fare:

Free Image Hosting by TheFreeImageHosting.com
"Intrigue" by earthFree Image Hosting by TheFreeImageHosting.com
black mary janes by Aldo

and then there are the purchases that have *nothing* to do with the trip. such as… the "photo finish foundation primer" from Smashbox. The breast cancer awareness promotional retractable lip brush from Sephora…

(??!! but cool design nonetheless, check it out:)
Free Image Hosting by TheFreeImageHosting.com

…for all my pots of "glass slicker" from mark. several more wonderful products from Lush. i'm most excited about the solid shampoo called "Godiva" – it smells sooooo good. and I got it for free, just for being a Lush whore and spending over $50! yippee!

but what does any of this have to do with traveling??

well, i did get a little travel kit containing 1 travel toothbrush and 2 different kinds of whitening toothpaste (1 for night and 1 for morning) – and of course j was excited by that, as it hit the sweet spot of being small, silvery and tooth-whitening-related!! 🙂