October 12, 2005

flipbook is FUN

Posted in internets, toys, work at 10:07 pm by Marise Phillips

i just spent a couple hours playing with this… oh, how i love the internets!!

kinda bummed when i put david's glasses on today, and realized how much more clearly I could see with them. So much for $7K LASIK with schmancy waveform technology and no-blade corneal searing action!

speaking of david, it was both his and mallomar's last day today, and i raked in the boo-tay:

  • One Aeron chair
  • Three barbies, with extra clothes and shoes
  • One dry erase board, marker and eraser
  • One Homer Simpson, sitting in his La-Z-Boy and drinkin' a Duff ™
  • Two Simpsons scenes (backgrounds with the outlets you can plug em into to make em talk)
  • One Quintessential Comic Book Salesguy (also from the Simpsons, just don't know his name)
  • One very myopic potbellied guy (Simpsons again, don't know his name)

So that was keww.

Me, Aki, Menka, David & Mlomlo went to lunch at Ali Baba to send them off. I'm glad we could do that with such short notice. It was fun because all we did (besides eat middle eastern food) was tease D about his new place of work. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course!! 😉

Susan came over for a smoke later on which was a perfectly fitting farewell gesture.

Ten minutes after they left the building, a fire alarm went off.

Hmmmmm? 🙂 !!!!


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