October 7, 2005

Vacation itinerary

Posted in travel at 10:41 pm by Marise Phillips

Nov 3
Depart SFO

Nov 4
Arrive at Incheon Airport, Seoul
Check in at Hotel Sky, Incheon

Nov 5
Take subway to Seoul city center (Lotte or COEX)
Hang out with my brother, sightseeing in Insa-dong, etc.

Nov 6
Fly out of Incheon at 11:15am
Arrive Narita Airport at 2pm
Take Narita Express to Tokyo Station
Take Tokyo Metro subway to Asakusa, check in at Ryokan Shigetsu

Nov 7
Tokyo sightseeing

Nov 8
Day trip to Nikko

Nov 9
Tokyo sightseeing

Nov 10
Day trip to Ghibli Museum, Mitaka

Nov 11
Tokyo sightseeing

Nov 12
Day trip to Hakone

Nov 13
Tokyo sightseeing

Nov 14
Take shinkansen to Hiroshima
Check in at Hiroshima Prince Hotel

Nov 15
Sightseeing in Hiroshima and Miyajima

Nov 16
Take shinkansen to Kyoto
Check in at Ryokan Uemura

Nov 17
Kyoto sightseeing

Nov 18
Kyoto, day trip to Nara

Nov 19
Take shinkansen to Tokyo
Take Narita Express to airport
Fly home 😦

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