September 5, 2005

a pretty nice weekend

Posted in lovey, movie review, weekend at 6:30 pm by Marise Phillips

Despite the bad news down South and J's work being CRAP again…

This is what we did…

  • Watched Amarcord on Friday night
  • Slept in late on Saturday
  • Obsessive RSS news feed reading all weekend
  • Attended Bernice & Rob's BBQ solo (while J was needlessly at work, waiting for a build that never arrived)
  • Took care of the kitties
  • Went to the gym (!!!) for 2 hours: elliptical, weight machines, crunches/stretches, hot tub, steam room (AH!)
  • Brunch at Frjtz with K & P, followed by light shopping on Hayes
  • Watched Team America Sunday nite
  • Slept in late today – woke up to the sun for the first time in a while
  • Brunch at Kate's
  • Surfed from laptops at Bean There
  • Grocery shopping
  • Back home to a clean house!!
  • Made guacamole, and baked banana-nut bread and corn muffins while J recorded bass

And for tonight:

  • Stuffed salmon filets, green beans and corn muffins for dindin
  • A screening of Barbarella
  • ???



1 Comment »

  1. Serrephim said,

    Mmmmmm, cornmuffins!

    The kitties are ever so grateful! So is their mommy 😉


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