August 31, 2005

Meet the newest member of our family…

Posted in pets, toys, video games at 9:44 pm by Marise Phillips


She's a black (really?!) pug that came to me courtesy of Nintendogs.

She's really not this blurry in real life. But I was impatient and wanted a picture NOW and the easiest way to do that (after spending almost an hour searching online for a screenshot) was to take a picture with my sorry excuse for a camera-phone.

I am not ashamed to admit that I am actually quite enjoying this cute little game. I get to pet her, wash & brush her, choose different colors of ribbons for her ears, or collars for her to wear. I can teach her voice commands (she knows Sit, Lie Down, Shake Hands, Roll Over and Jump) and she's already gotten to the "Expert Level" in the Obedience Trials.

Having owned real pugs in a former life, that's really saying something!! They aren't exactly the easiest dogs to train.

Anyway, I miss my little puppy Chloe (a black puglet who died under anesthesia at 6 months of age, back in 2000), so my new friend Blackie helps a bit.


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