August 7, 2005

misogyny’s a bitch

Posted in anti-misogyny at 5:40 pm by Marise Phillips

So… The above snarky phrase was emblazoned on my former colleague Brian's shirt last Friday.

Go Brian! You are a delightful example of a smart, sexy guy with room in your heart and space in your mind to respect women.

As for you ranting and raving misogynists out there, dissing my friends, you WILL PAY. Here's how:


These fates, and worse, await those who disrespect women.

Women (and yes, that includes the overweight ones) represent all that is good and beautiful and life-affirming on this earth. Our bodies (all shapes and sizes, not just the ones we've grown accustomed to seeing in movies and magazines) are beautiful. Our bodies give life. Those of us who cannot or choose not to have children use our talents to create purpose and meaning. The work of our hands and hearts nurtures life; a staggering majority of those employed (for pay or otherwise) in healthcare, childcare and eldercare are — you guessed it — women.

Last time I checked (this morning, on the news feeds) the misogynists in this world are, sadly, still out there, making their own special brand of contribution: broken treaties, wounded abortion clinic workers, slain civilians (aka collateral damage), battered girlfriends, wives and children.

They also spew hate against women in the Yahoo message boards, on internet dating sites, on craigslist, etc. But when I read their drivel, I am completely mystified. Why are they so angry? What wrongs have been done against them? What purpose is possibly served by hating and insulting a woman because her weight doesn't conform to fashion??

My one comfort is the knowledge that I, nor any the beautiful women I know and love, will never give them what they really want: PUSSY.



  1. Serrephim said,

    “My one comfort is the knowledge that I, nor any the beautiful women I know and love, will never give them what they really want: PUSSY.”

    The sad thing is that some of our sisters with low self esteem will, and it just reinforces their asshole, woman-hating beliefs and behavior.

    What happens to these guys to make them this way? You have to pity them, to an extent. They are victims of the same media that make US feel like we never measure up. An older male friend of ours once told me that (straight) men relate to the world through women. On the one hand, that means they need us for a full emotional life. On the other, it means stupid shit like they feel they need someone who conforms to media & societal standards of what is acceptable. They get so caught up hating themselves, their lives, and the world around them for not being what they think it should be because they’ve been programmed to think that …. they don’t see they have a choice to break out of that misery.

    Then again, some of them are just assholes.

  2. Shananigans said,

    Well said. I think these individuals are a barometer of whatís wrong with society. They’re so frustrated and misguided, must be awful.

  3. slopmaster said,

    I found this post incredibly annoying for some reason. I just don’t understand it. It has no lead in, no story and it tries to bash you with a message without giving any examples.

    Are YOU trying to get some?

  4. Dan said,

    I have always held the belief that women are the stronger sex. They hold the power, for the most part. I have never understood men who feel it is their right to mistreat, use or abuse a woman just because he’s a man.

    In my younger years I was never the type of man that would go out to bars and ‘pick up’ any woman willing to sleep with me, even though all my friends did. To me it never seemed right. Don’t get me wrong, I want what every other man wants, I just didn’t feel comfortable getting it from a woman so willing to hand it out.

    Unfortunately there will always be weaker women and even weaker men who choose to take advantage of them.–>

  5. Anthony said,

    Hash: SHA512

    Far too many persons whom I have had friendship with have fallen into a
    trap. This trap is the fundamental attribution error. In applicable
    layman’s terms, observed relationships have failed, one of which required
    intervention to prevent physical harm, due to a lack of cognition. Instead
    of using their mind, if at least cognitive heuristics, *they simply relied
    upon gender stereotypes to quickly identify any situation in a relationship
    with as little effort as possible*. Fellow members of the human race I
    implore you, *it is possible to understand the thoughts and emotions of the
    opposite sex*. This can be accomplished by mutually beneficial
    communication. Males it is possible to understand the ‚Äúgirl talk‚ÄĚ and
    females it is possible to have a non-promiscuous partner. Fellow human
    beings we must watch over ourselves and each other for society’s unending
    influence has conditioned us to act in ways that catalyze hatred between
    the sexes. Go forth research and learn, you are capable.

    For as the author of the above statement, I make no effort to conceal my
    identity as a heterosexual male member of the human race, nor do I claim
    perfection. *At very least I would prefer to see others research and learn
    by positive example*. Any risk or ensuing combat (which has happened
    before) is worth it if at least someone breaks free from misogyny. Prove me
    wrong if I were to claim that we, as a species, are no better than wild
    dogs in a desert.

    Version: (N/A)
    Charset: utf-8


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