June 12, 2005

My Honey is soooo cute

Posted in blogging, lovey, toys at 7:15 pm by Marise Phillips

Me: (Laughing out loud for no apparent reason on a Sunday evening)

J: "What are you doing?

Me: "Reading blogs. I like reading everyone's blogs…" (he knows this, of course, as I am bogarting his Powerbook *once again* to do so.)

J: "I don't have a blog…" (looking sad, eyes downcast, lower lip thrust out.)

Me: "You should get one! You'd be great!" (He's been keeping a journal in his Clie for years already. Plus he's an amazing writer.)

J: "But I'm foreign…" (He's, um, BRITISH.)

Me: "Silly boy!! Blogs aren't for Americans only!"

J: "Are you sure??" (He smiles wryly, then goes back to cleaning out his junk drawer. He pulls out a Chewbacca-headed mini M&M dispenser and, for the millionth time since purchasing it, pretends the wookiee is barfing up mini M&Ms.)


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