June 10, 2005

The Castle – So Fun!

Posted in blogging, only in SF at 8:30 am by Marise Phillips

K, N and I met at the Castle last night promptly at 6 (N was there even earlier!) to make sure K was all safe from any bad mean internet stalkers 😉 Which of course was never an issue.

All the folks who showed up were lovely! Friendly, pleasant, good conversationalists… I was impressed!!

Most impressive of all was the gentleman who showed up with a premium box of white wine wrapped up in a bow.

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting

To top that off, he shared his fish & chips with me! This was supremely appreciated given the service situation.

Our waitress was an utter nightmare, it's like she'd lost her short-term memory like Drew Barrymore's character in 50 First Dates. But instead of a cute, luscious Hawaiian flower, imagine a skanky, run-down stringbean who broke pint glasses on us and got everyone's drink wrong and took over an hour to figure out our food order. Sigh.

At least there was time for knitting, fun banter, and three super-cool old Vespas parked out front when I got there!



  1. Shananigans said,

    Two words: so jealous. Im glad yall had a good time. I am totally in favor of the SheWalks World Tour Summer 2005, provided there is a stop in LA and why not!?

  2. Shull o' fit said,

    Don’t forget about the bathroom fiasco.

  3. Anonymous said,

    Thanks for the compliment on my scooter. 🙂

    The BlackSheep Scooter Club meets there every other thursday.

  4. riseyp said,

    What bathroom fiasco?? I actually remember hearing a crash, but I never found out what caused it!

  5. Shull o' fit said,

    Oh yeah, your scooter is hot! Some of our group were in the bathroom and heard a woman moaning in the stall and they thought she may just be experiencing “technical difficulties”. Then suddenly they heard a guy groaning too. I think the crash was the tp dispenser coming off the wall. Just another night in an SF bar!

  6. Wookiee Rage said,

    Brian said…

    I love women that are impressed by a box of wine. There are so few of them and none that don’t live in trailers.

    It was a pleasure sharing my fish and chips with you. I’m glad you were able to get something to eat before you went into a diatery coma of some kind.

    and thanks for being nice to the wierd guy (me).

  7. Aarwenn said,



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