May 25, 2005

More Exhaust Woes

Posted in scootering, toys at 2:08 pm by Marise Phillips

So when Larry put my new exhaust on a few weeks back, he told me (under no uncertain terms) to take the scooter over to Scuderia West and ask them to tighten the top nut. Apparently, Lars' socket wrench was too long and wouldn't fit all the way up in there. In his words just today…

"Like a good woman, motorcycles are full of tight nooks and crannies don'tcha know…"

But did I go to the shop to get it tightened? Noooooooooo! And so yesterday when I asked a co-worker who rides a Kawasaki 1000 to take a look ('cause, to my untrained ear, it sounded like the exhaust had come loose), the nut, bolt and gasket had actually fallen off! ACK!

So I called the dealer who sold me the exhaust, asked 'em to send me some replacement parts, and if they come in tomorrow, I'll go over to Larry's and get the damn pipe tightened, and GOOD. He's actually getting the exact wrench for the job!

I don't know why I even dare to dream of owning a honest-to-god motorcycle someday! Maybe it's just the rabidly conspicuous consumer in me… jonesing for that next retail fix! So, without further ado, here is my short list of bikes I'm considering:

  • Honda Rebel 250
  • Honda Nighthawk 250
  • Suzuki SV 650

The latter, while a great deal more powerful, rarer to find used, and thusly more expensive, is so beautiful, I just had to post a photo:

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting


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  1. Chela Jane said,

    I’d say hold out for the SV. I have ridden a number of them. They are light, nimble, and have respectable horse power. Not only that they are not wildly tall (not that either of the other bikes you mentioned are tall) and they have a comfortable saddle. Hope your scooter is ok!

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