April 26, 2005

Scooting to Work!

Posted in knitting, scootering, weekend, work at 9:30 am by Marise Phillips

Sooooooo exciting – Larry fixed my Mojito on Saturday and it sounds soooo lovely and quiet and is much more zippy now! I've driven it to work two days running now, and I'm ecstatic!! Even got meself a full-coverage helmet (mostly to get J off my case). I love being able to smell the spring grasses alongside the road right after I pass the SF dump. Ha 😉

I rode all over town on Sunday, first to K's, then to Zeitgeist which was mercifully overcrowded with a line running out the door. If it wasn't the memory of me blowing out everyone's eardrums a couple Sundays ago, the knitting would get my ass kicked.

Speaking of which, I am finally persevering with an actual scarf, thanks to the very fluffy, forgiving yarn I bought at ImagiKnit.

K also pointed me to some online yarn porn, and I bought a few more cute skeins which I'm hoping will arrive later this week.

This is the project I hope to be good enough to embark on someday:

But first, must learn to bind off.


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