November 26, 2002

So Amber was cool.

Posted in only in SF at 8:52 pm by Marise Phillips

Nice place, comfy couches to sit on, unpretentious bartenders and strong martinis. We had two of those, which I paid for with my trusty plastic friend, since I am utterly cashless until I get my next paycheck. The bar was fucking freezing, though, and my first pass at her consisted of insisting she wear my leather jacket.

Other passes I made:
– Buying us three rounds of drinks up at the bar and bringing them back to her while she shivered cutely (she's very skinny, you see)
– Chatting up the nice gay boys who were sitting nearby, after she told me what a fag hag she is
– Holding her hand as we walked up the stairs to the disco on the 2nd floor of The Cafe, nice gay boys in tow
– Putting the scarf from Nice Gay Boy #1 around her neck
– Putting my arms around her waist while we leaned on the deck, looking out at the relatively empty intersection of Market and Castro

Passes she made:
– Giving me as many cigarettes as I wanted, and lighting one for me
– Holding my hand back
– Leaning in close as we looked out over the Castro
– Offering me half a vicodin as we drove back to the Richmond
– Driving me to her place instead of to mine
– Making me my favorite drink, an absolut mandrin & tonic
– Getting me high
– Laying next to me on her couch
– Taking off her blouse
– Taking off mine


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