November 26, 2002

I get to Ro-Han a couple minutes before 8:00

Posted in internets, only in SF at 8:38 pm by Marise Phillips

and something interesting's going on inside. Some photo shoot with cute girls wearing very little in the way of clothing. Something to which the general public was not invited. Uh oh… Fortunately, C came in right after me and was standing quietly behind me while I was talking to the owner, this guy whose name I can't remember, but with whom I've struck up conversations the past three times I've been in. I think he remembered me, but you can never be sure with those restaurateurs.

Ok…. so fuck this blow by blow shit. We met, something behind our eyes clicked, and we knew we'd end up having a fun night together. She'd nailed rock star parking right out in front, and we walked up to her late 70s pimpmobile aptly dubbed "the sexy beast" 🙂 We agreed to drive around to find another bar, taking her car (prudent, considering I'd taken public transit.) By the time we reached our destination, a lounge called Amber somewhere near Duboce Triangle, I knew the following things about her:

1. She hails from Portland but lived in Austin for a few years.
2. She may be moving back to Portland in a couple months to finish her last year of school.
3. She lives near Baker Beach with her friend from kindergarten, who has a 7-month old baby boy.
4. She smokes cigarettes.
5. She's really really really into astrology and is a scorpio with cancer rising and sag moon.
6. She's been going through "a slutty phase" and has slept with 2 or 3 guys from nerve recently, but realized that she'd really rather be meeting more women.
7. She likes vicodin. a lot. (she took half a pill while we were driving.)
8. Her roommate and roommate's baby are out of town, so she has her apartment all to herself.
9. She has to be at work by 8 in the morning.

She learned the following about me:
1. I was married for three years and with my ex for a total of seven.
2. Although I'm living in the Richmond now, I'll be moving to Dolores Heights next month.
3. I also smoke cigarettes from time to time, and know of bars in the lower Haight where smoking is still allowed.
4. I *used to* really really really be into astrology, and I've always been wary of Scorpios. To the point of never having dated any, or even having any friends who are Scorpios. Nevertheless, from what I recall, I'm a cancer with sag rising and capricorn moon.
5. I've been "on an adventure" lately, and she's the first person I've met from nerve. And the first girl I have ever met for a date.
6. I like e. A lot. But haven't had it since last new year's and don't intend to fall off the wagon anytime soon.
7. I work from home on Tuesdays and can, therefore, stay out late on Monday nights.


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