November 26, 2002

morning after

Posted in internets, only in SF at 10:39 am by Marise Phillips

One of my life's loveliest "walks of shame" happened today. Typically, my morning visits to Baker Beach involve gray tights and running shoes, but today's walk started at C's place in the Presidio, past the beach and up the hill, back home to my room with the partial Presidio view. And involved ouchy but cute high-heeled shoes and my clothes from yesterday, slightly rumpled and amusingly dotted with fluff from the night's activities. However, catching glimpses of myself in parked cars' passenger windows, I was amazed to note that I looked quite fetching and not too terribly obvious. Just a girl on her way to work… Yeah, right. It's Tuesday and I get to "work" from home. Such a happy synchronicity, then, that C was up for meeting me last night. No notice needed — how spontaneous and perfect!

So here's how it started… I worked up the nerve to call her as soon as I left work yesterday and, fortunately, talking to her for the first time was surprisingly easy and natural. Even cuter and more oblique than shopping for sex toys or smoke supplies! And despite my gaffe — mentioning my impending move from Marin and the reasons behind it — C recovered from the news without much fuss, and promised to call me back after she'd eaten something and relaxed at home for a bit. Of course I couldn't resist calling Jason to share my good news 🙂 Oh, the delight of instantly gratifying one's urge to inform.

True to her word, C phoned me at 6:45 and we arranged to meet at Ro-Han at 8pm. (An ironic but convenient meeting place, despite the fact we live less than half a mile apart.) Knowing I might end up getting very very drunk, I decided to take the bus and walked down to Geary with nothing but my wallet, cellphone and keys in my jacket pockets. Approaching the bus stop on 20th Avenue, my heel got caught by a crack in the sidewalk, and I hit the ground in a ball, thinking "Fuck, I hope these pants don't rip!" They didn't, I noted as a sweet girl in her 20s who was walking right behind me gasped and rushed to my aid. I laughed and said "No big deal, I'm fine! No harm done…" And internally I smiled, knowing this fall was simply a matter of releasing my pent-up, in-born klutziness — and what better time and place to do that than here and now?


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