September 19, 2002

Yee HA!

Posted in health at 2:57 pm by Marise Phillips

Whatcha'll think of my new template? Lovely!

Anyway, Yes, I'm working with Dr. Sohn. He's great! Very soothing and smart too 🙂
I was going to start Clomid/IUI this month, but the week I started my cycle, I was holed up in Berkeley at the Employee Leadership Program, and then there was Labor Day, so things were all screwy! Therefore…. we are starting up NEXT month!

I know this great woman who works in our usability dept who is also studying to be a doula. So I may work with her, once I get PG 🙂 Also on the health front, I saw a wonderful osteopath earlier this week, since I've been having some arm and shoulder pain since starting this new job. It's amazing; he barely touched my spine, shoulders and heels, and I felt all warm and tingly and weird the rest of the day, and much better the following day. Wild!


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