September 6, 2000


Posted in uncategorized at 1:03 pm by Marise Phillips

ok, i guess template is fine for now.

had a good meeting today with Innova, ec-integration firm that matty recommended. looks like they could be the right ones to partner with. just wish someone from bizdev had been there… scared to think of all the things our guys don’t know, though. i’ve got buttloads on my plate, and all i feel like doing is blahgging.

i hafta:

  1. update preso with web/ia capabilities
  2. define doc template
  3. work on page schematics
  4. finalize docs for process book
  5. plan questions/actions for WSP

not to mention…

  1. re-sand Adirondack chairs
  2. plan nyc trip
  3. doctor/dentist appts
  4. resolve gym account issue

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